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I was charged with dwi but was not in my car, nor was my car running, I was arguing with a person who called police
I was not on my car, my car was off, as my check engine light was on, so I parked the car and planned on walking to repair shop, I got onto argument with person living near where my car was parked, they called police and when they arrived, we were arguing still, and I was asked to take a breath test , I said I was not driving my car, so there was no need to do this, I was arrested for refusing to take test, and given dwi ticket , but no ticket for being disorderly person or anything else? I was not near my car or driving so can I be convicted ?
Stop thinking you are a lawyer. If the position and condition of your car and you admitting you drove it very recently...
License suspended in NJ for 10 yrs due to DUI & I move to PA. PA system is 2 or 3 yr suspension for when can I drive in PA
see above question - live in Hackettstown NJ but plan to move to Easton or Wind Gap PA. If length ot license suspension differs between the states for the same offense which governs.
If you think about it, you will quickly understand that a judgment of one state does not change just because you change...
I have a VA driver license, but I got a DUI in NJ.
I have a VA driver license, but I got a DUI in NJ. The first DUI offense for NJ is loss of license for 3 months, but the VA first DUI offense is 1 year. Do I need a NJ or VA lawyer and which offense would I receive?
A NJ lawyer. It is handled in NJ court. If you are suspended it is NOT 3 months, it is only 3 months if your blood...
If papers cannot be located can we reopen a case to pay for bills for drunk driving case from over 14 plus years ago in NJ now?
My husband was hit by a drunk driver head on over 14 years ago which resulted in a Spinal fusion and his insurance company was and is NJM. He's recently had to have another spinal fusion due to loss of function in his left had in Nov. 2016. We cannot find the info. for the attorney they'd used back in 2002? I think. Is there any hope at all for us to get this reopened to cover all of his medical expenses since then and have his pay replaced for time he couldn't work?
The case is past the statute of limitations, so not getting reopened
Do I need to hire a lawyer for an upcoming court date for license suspension?
I have been pulled over 3 times while driving on a suspended license (2 in PA and 1 in NJ) and I have my first court date (in NJ) coming up. I do not know if I should hire a lawyer or not since I have read that imprisonment can be a possible punishment for the offense (although I am not sure if they are considering it my first or third offense since it's in a different state)
This is your first offense in New Jersey. You face $1250 in fines and surcharges and a 6 month suspension. These are...
Im facing a 2nd dui offense, the first being just under 10 years prior. My lawyer is painting a grim picture but wants me remain
...patient until he receives the discovery... ... I was pulled over for speeding and admitted to drinking 5 hours earlier. I have a witness to how much I drank and when I stopped drinking. I had 7 beers over a 5 hours period and then nothing for 5 hours afterwards, I felt I should be at or about zero and decided to drive the long ride home. I got pulled over, was asked to do the field test, felt as though I passed, but was asked to retake the eye test and he said i failed and arrested, i asked to do a breathalyzer to prove I was sober, was told they only have it in the station. At the station I was completely coherent and compliant to everything asked of me. Was told I had to wait 20 mins before I could test, he took me in the room and said I blew .09 (twice). I asked to see digital readout but was told I had to wait, never got to see it. Every BAC calculator I look at shows there's no way I could have blown .09. How is this possible? How grim is my case? Is my lawyer right to take a wait until discovery approach? Can or should I ask to have a 2nd/3rd, expert on my case? What are my chances/options? ...thanx for any advice
Nothing can be done before your lawyer right gets the discovery. This is the correct approach. After your attorney...
First DUI how long will i have license suspended and will i be able to get working license
Got first DUI in new jersey. Cóp pulled me over for not having headlights on and flat tire. They breathlyzed me but the machine was not working so they took me to another one waited another 20 minutes and blew a .13. How long will i lose license for and will i be eliglible for a working license. I live in pa. Also should i consider getting a prívate attorney or apply for públic defender?
Is this your first DUI in NJ but you have another elsewhere? That matters. The total time before your breathalyzer...