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My friend got a dui and was questioning whether he could be eligible for are if he had it as a juvenile.
He had ard for an underage and was wondering if he could get it for his dui.
It is possible to have ARD again but it depends on the County. Technically he is ARD eligible under the statute but...
If you are pulled over and cop assumes you are drunk and places you in the car to take you for a blood test does he have to read
Does he have to read you your rights?
No, Miranda rights are not required.
I got an underage citation the other day but was not breathalyzed. He did an eye test and said i was drinking. Can i fight it?
I was at a concert the other day with a group of friends. I was not drinking or had any alcohol on my possession or around me. A cop walked passed me and continued to walk about ten to fifteen feet behind me when he called me over. I walked over and he picked up an open beer on the back tire of a truck and looked at me insinuating it was mine. I told him it was not mine, and he asked me to walk in front of everyone and follow the pen with my eyes. I've had 4 eye surgeries since i was three years old and also have signs of glaucoma, and when i strain my eyes certain directions my eyes jiggle. When the police officer noticed he asked if i was doing it on purpose. I told him no, and then he walked me over to his car where he wrote the underage citation saying i had alcohol on my breath.
The answer to your question is absolutely YES. The HGN test is a very poor test, but you will obviously be confronted...
I have 3 misdemeanors a indecent assault(2008), receiving stolen property and a dui can I get a pardon or expungement for these
Receiving stolen property(2010), dui(2012)
If they are convictions, you need to get a pardon before you get an expungement. It seems unlikely at this time that...
7 weeks with no paperwork or charges on possible duid.
I drive past a cop while driving a friend home 1 evening about 7 weeks ago. When we stopped in front of the house and got out to unload things we had purchased from the store. I see the cop pull onto the street and drive up and tell me I was illegely parked , I said I was just unloading. He says asks if I was drinking I say no. He gets out and says he smells pot on my beard and asked to search the vehicle/me . Being clean and using my moms car I said go right ahead sir I am clean and sober. He searches comes up empty and still gives me sobriety test that I pass . He then cuffs me and takes me for a blood test . I do smoke on occasion but was 100% sober . This is some BS if you ask me , I was polite and gave no reason to be harassed. What do you think ?
In order to be convicted they just need to show metabolites and not active metabolites. In other words, if you smoked...
A drunk driver hit me from behind while i was stopped at a redlight. Can i file a lawsuit?
I was hit by a drunk driver, from behind, while i was stopped at a red light. He was obviously drunk, and the police were notified and came to the scene. He was given a sobriety test and was arrested for a BAC of .25. He does have insurance and his insurance is cooperating, but they are probably going to claim it to be a complete loss, according to the estimator. My car is completely paid off but it is only worth 3200 roughly. This will not replace what the car is worth to me. I drive almost 100 miles a day to school and work and i need a reliable car like the one i have. Would i have a case if i wanted to get more money? He will get off with a DUI and his insurance will pay for my car, but i will have stress for months to find a new car to replace this ones reliability.
In PA, the measure of property damages is either the cost to replace the vehicle or the cost to repair it, whichever is...
What can be done to fight a dui?
My son was pulled over for tail lights being out. He was in possession of a small amount of marijuana . He is being charged with possession of small amount and a dui. his paperwork on one page says taillight on another page says brake light . he was handcuffed, taken to hospital for blood tests, and held at police station afterward until he could be picked up . was never read his rights and we have pics of the vehicle still in the impound showing none of his lights were out
If there is proof that the brake/rear lights were functional you may have a good argument for suppression. I suggest...