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Charged with DUI in CO in 2010. It was defered to dwai. What if any is gunna be on my driving record because if it? Any ideas?
I left the military a month and a half ago, and now that I'm applying to jobs one company told me my driving record shows a class A misdemeanor. And the insurance company won't cover me. Some are wondering just because they may see dwai they are assuming. I'm just looking for any suggestion or ideas? Thanks
Suggestions or ideas about what? I'm not sure what your question is, but if it's about Colorado law, you need to ask...
What is the punishment range for a 7TH DWI IN TEXAS ?
A third DWI is a third degree felony, 2 - 10 years in TDCJ. If a person is charged with DWI third, and has a trip to...
How long does it take to get blood results back in a DUI in Texas
hi boyfriend was put on probation in 2010 for hitting an officer he revoked probation and was arrested in March and i jired a lawyer and he was released on bond well in june he was in a car accident which he was the driver and had been drinking. he was sent to the hospital and later released but was not ticketed so when he went to report they had an officer waiting for him and was arrested but he was not ticketed and till this day he hasnt recieved anything and is still in jail waiting to go to court they already changed his court date three times cause they have not recieved his blood results from the accident.does anyone have any kind of advice on what i should do or what he's facing
Depends on where they sent the blood to be tested but I know in Harris County we have experienced back logs of several...
Arrested for dwi but no ticket given?
i was pulled over for a failure to signal, and was arrested for dwi. i was only given a warning for the failure to signal, and not for the dwi. is that normal?
Check your bond paperwork (if any) and contact the clerk's office. It is possible that even tough you were arrested...
if my scram device is interfering with my employment is it possible to have it removed? they told me i could not come in contact with cleaners that have alcohol or it could be considered a violation, but it is necessary to use such cleaners where i work. they also told me i could not use mouth wash, perfume, or medicinal alcohol, is this right?
Depends on factors such as the status of your case; the court in which your case is pending or which controls your...
Are there any travel restrictions to Guatemala or Nicaragua with a DWI or DUI?
As I understand it, Canada has some super strict rules on travel after a conviction for DWI or DUI. I'm wondering if there are any issues with travel to Guatemala or Nicaragua after a conviction? My significant other has to travel there this year and next for work. We have the final court date today for conviction and we can ask our lawyer then, but I'm looking for a quick answer beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
You will face trouble if you leave the country before a verdict is handed down. That is probably the most obvious...
I have the mobile breathylizer for dwi (its not the one for vehicle)
Ok so i have the mobile breathylizer. I blow 3 times a day. Never missed a blow or fail on either. I paid the unit today and i guess the lady the update payment on device so it locked me out.i tried calling the number on the device but its all automated. Will i get in trouble for not blowing until Monday? Office is closed till Monday dont knw what else to do.i called the local police department and they said they ll come out so i can blow this one time but they cant be coming out 3 times in one day over the weekend
The fact you were locked out WILL be reported to the court. I suggest you be proactive. Clear the lockout first thing...