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Can dcfs remove my kids from my custody for failing a drug test for meth?
I got a random drug test today and I'm going to fail for meth
You are asking the question on a DUI forum. I would suggest you pose the question on a forum dealing with custody issues.
What happens to my license if i get pulled over in Illinois on a 60 probation?
I was driving on Illinois 40 and a officer pulled me over driving 69-45 I have currently a 60 day probation
If this is a third moving violation within a 24 month time period, there may be consequences to your license, But you...
Can I sue the hospital for telling my child that they suspected I was drunk. This upset my son terribly.
My son was to be released from a mental hospital. I met with the doctor and he accused me of being intoxicated. I was detained until the police arrived in a small room. The doctor told my 16 year old son that he may not get released because I was intoxicated. This made him upset. The police arrived and I was given the all clear. In police report it states I didnt appear intoxicared or smell of alcohol.
While this incident may have been upsetting and offensive, I don't think you would be able to prove any damages.
How should i explain this violation to the state of IL?
This was the first violation i have ever had. I had used mouthwash before that and thought there was enough time but i guess not. It registered .052(the detail report showed 3 .052 readings at the exact same time, which i thought was wierd too, but only shows 1 violation on the letter.) Because i was needing to get to work though, i had my roomate go ahead and drive my car and me to work so that i would not be late and pick me up later.
You can explain this once - and probably only once, The mouthwash excuse is really common. Purchase alcohol free...
Im a single mom in has no income at the moment i have a warrent for not doing my dui classes
my case is going on three years old i cant live like this i just want my normal life back my kids dont have anyone else im scared in dont kno what to do please help
You can begin by hiring a criminal defense lawyer (maybe pro bono or "low"bono) to "quash" the bench warrant still...
I am on court supervision in Illinois for a DUI and received a ticket for providing to a minor.
My license suspension was rescinded per plea negotiations. I am on court supervision for a year. Last night I received a ticket for providing to a minor at a concert. I did not provide the alcohol to my sister but I received the ticket because I was with her. What does this mean for my court supervision and my license?
While it is remotely possible, you probably will not have your supervision revoked. Nevertheless, you should hire...
Is my lawyer still my lawyer?
I got a second DUI years lawyer kept postponing and anyway...just got it all settled less than a year ago..all fines paid...classes taken completed and paid i hear that i have to go to a hearing officer and i should have an attorney with he still my lawyer or do i need to pay a new one?
You would telephone your lawyer and ask Him. No one on Avvo knows what you agreed