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D.U.I. Citation, no previous traffic or criminal violations on record. What are the most likely outcomes (either good or bad)?
On 9/25, 3 A.M. I totaled my car against a curb. Thankfully, no one was around & no property was damaged. I stepped out of the car, sat on a bench to call AAA when three squad cars pulled up. Asked how many drinks I had that evening to which I replied "none", then I was asked to walk in a straight line (I did well) as well as to do breathalyzer test... wasn't told BAC. No warning was provided regarding how such action (or the failure to comply) might affect me. I was not told that I was being arrested, but was informed that I would be taken to the station. I was cuffed, taken in, and asked to take an additional breathalyzer test. Again, not told the level. I was put into a cell until 11 AM until a last breath test when I was released. Citation reads: O/R 23152 (A) M 23152 (A) M 0.08 pct
It is clear from the citation that you have been charged with DUI. The citation refers to section 23152 of the CA...
DUI and have 30 day temp license but first court appearance isn't for 90 days. What option to drive to work between 30 & 90dys
Will have 60 days after the temp license expires and the court date. How does one get permitted to drive before the court date and after the 30 day temp license expires? This is 1st DUI offense.
Consult with a local attorney to see what you can do to drive while the administration suspension is in effect. In...
How do I get my license back?
Almost a year ago in August I got my license suspended for underage DUI. A few days ago I got pulled over and got my car impounded for driving with a suspended license. I go to school and work and I'm the only driver in my family when my dad Is not around. Now I have a court date, but what may the outcomes be when I go? What do I expect when I go?
The exact date you can get your license back will depend on several things, including when you were convicted (if you...
DUI expungement!! Can i expunge my dui from the details i gave.
I got a dui back in 6/2010. On my last day of my DUI classes my counselor told me you dont need to come back ill send everything Never sent nothing i had a warrant for my arrest for failing to complete my classes got arrest judge let me complete everything i did everything was completed in my classes and paid all fines. license got suspended at the time of my dui i was caught driving without a license i got a ticket. Went to the DMV got my license back took proof to the DA he told me if my dui court found out i would go to jail for probation violation thank god it didnt i got an extra 3 yrs of probation for that ticket as of this month im free. I want to enroll in school but when they run my background my criminal part comes out bad "10 yrs los angeles county. Can i expunge this?to enroll?
No. You cannot. No expungement is even possible until 10 years down the line, and it's only been 4.
Has anyone ever been convicted of a dui at jury trial based solely on a pas test and no other evidence?
My pas was 0.08. My chemical test was under the limit of 0.08. There was no driving witnessed.. at all.
Yes. And there is more to the story. State experts can use the post arrest chemical test, with the PAS test, to show...
I am on informal probation for a DUI i got in Nov 2011 and i just got a texting ticket today. am i in violation of my informal??
i havent had any other violations of my probation since my DUI. i have finished everything from my AE classes, DUI groups, MADD.
A texting ticket is an infraction and not a violation of probation.
Got charged with 1st DUI/ refusal but I asked for a blood test prior to being admonished, what change to I have in court?
Got stopped for traffic violation by CHP, they did not tell me why they stopped me, I had 3 drinks that night so I refused the PAS, but I asked for a blood test because it had been a while since my last drink and I did not consider myself to be drunk, officer arrested me, but did not give me an option for a blood test. I told him I did not understand the DS367, but he never explained that I had a choice. On his report he did not state that I asked for a blood test, or that I told him I did not understand what he read to me. I lost my DMV hearing, and I have court in 2 weeks. I don't want this on my record and I want to plea not guilty.
The DA has to prove that you refused, if they do, then a jury can presume you had alcohol and that is why you refused....