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I had got a drinking ticket because i smelled like beer. I asked for a breathalyzer and was denied. Can i use this in court.
I told the cop i smelled like beer because a couple guys tried to jump me at a party and they spilled beer on me. He ignored the fact took me to the station. Then after the ticket was given i asked for a breathalyzer and he said no. After that he drove me home.
No, you cannot use the fact that you were not administered a breathalyzer in court. Actually, you can try but it will...
On probation for resisting. just got arrested for dui. had dui when I was 21. im 36 now. what will happen?
I cant afford an attorney. I'm homeless. lost my vehicle for 2 weeks so now I don't have a job. I didn't blow in booking room. had unopen 6pack on floorboard, so was asked to do ,and did, roadside test. He said I failed was arrested.
You'll get a public defender but your best friend might be your probation officer. Ask her to help you find...
DUI-related/RDP question
If granted an RDP by the IL SOS, is the grantee legally able to purchase, register and buy insurance for an auto? Also, what is the timeline for all these actions? How long does one have to complete these tasks and have the BAIID installed as well? I have scoured the internet and come up empty. Planning to call SOS, but if an answer can be provided here, that would be quite helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you.
You must purchase SR 22 and it's up to an ins co if they will extend standard coverage. There's no yes or no on that as...
Considering re-opening an old Nolle Prosequi DUI Case in Du Page County.
I had a DUI charge in 1992 leveled against me even though my BAC was half (.05/.1) the legal limit. My Atty got the prosecution to drop the case Nolle Prosequi, and I had to pay for a broken tail light and legal fee's. To this day I'm mad as hell about it, and have at time considered reopening the case, and plead not guilty. IF I was to do that, what do you think my chances would be of an acquittal? Would the State come at me looking for jail time? That is the ONLY criminal complaint I have ever had, and my driving record is very good. No I'm not crazy, just pissed after all these years. Happened in Roselle which is known for that sort of thing.
You have no ability to open a dismissed case. If it is dismissed, you should consider seeking an expungement as your...
I was in a restricted parking lot and back into the sherriff car and was charge with dui how can i beat this
got a speeding ticket in the past
You can hire a lawyer. Don't even think of trying to go about this on your own.
Last DUI was in 2008 but recently in feb of 2012 i got a ticket for driving on provoked licence? what will happen now?
I got my last DUI in 2008 got 2 months of prison and community service and it has been 5 years now , but recently because of business emergency i had to take the car to make a payment, and my bad luck that the cop stopped me for expired licence plate, and gave me a ticket for that and driving on suspended or revoked licence this was on feb 2012, have a court date on april 10? i want to know whats gonna happen now?
You need to hire an attorney. At the very least you are charged with a misdemeanor that is punishable by up to 364 days...
DUI, Supervision .....
I was arrested for DUI on July 4th. To this day, the IL Secretary of State has no record of any "pending" Statutory Summary Suspension. My "criminal" court date has come and gone, at which time my DUI ticket was reduced to "Reckless Driving"; and I have been placed on Supervision for one year. Will my Driver's License be suspended or not? The SOS has NOTHING on file other than the DUI ticket; but they do not see any pending suspension.
I have seen the cop send in the notice a year later (found it in his desk) and SOS suspended. There is no time limit....