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How can I obtain a California License with a DUI from Virginia?
Hello. I was convicted of a DUI January, 28th 2016 in Virginia. I completed the mandatory ASAP classes and paid all court fines. I sold my vehicle after I was convicted so I never held a restricted license or had an interlock blower in a car. It's been well over a year but I want to obtain my License. Will I be able to get. Virginia license if I buy a vehicle, get the FR44, without have a interlock placed on my vehicle since it's been over a year? Or if I move to California, as I plan to in a month or 2, will I have to get it over there as well? I am asking because if I have to get an interlock placed on my car in Virginia, I won't be able to schedule follow ups to the interlock location once a month.
You say you sold your vehicle so "never held a restricted license...", which is inaccurate. Convicted of DUI means...
Do credit card companies prosecute if you actually signed the receipt while intoxicated?
I was in DC for business be quite honestly one night I was very intoxicated and don't remember how I got back to my hotel. Soon after arriving home, I was reviewing my expenses and noticed an 800 dollar charge for a hotel I did not stay in! I imagine my card information was stolen but what if someone walked me home that night and convinced me to pay for their stay? The hotel was a mile away from my own.
Your credit card has a procedure by which you can contest charges. You have the right to notify the company that you...
What are the usual necessary steps needed to find someone guilty of distribution of drugs
What are the necessary actions are steps needed to convict somebody on distribution versus just possession
An analysis of the substance to show illegal. Evidence was being sold for payments. Scales, specific kinds of...
DUI 3 years ago in VA with DC license, trying to get a VA license but they say I am not in compliance.
I got pulled for a DUI in August 2013 in Colonial Heights, VA and had a DC license. I did both suspensions, I didn't actually reinstate my license in DC until May 2015. I followed all the protocols to get my license back in DC which included paying a reinstatement fee, taking a driving education course and submitting a SR-22. I moved to VA recently and went to get my license and they said that I was not in compliance because I didn't participate in their VASAP course, I didn't submit a SR-22 (this one I get now as I only sent it to DC) and haven't paid the reinstatement fee. I am wondering how to go about getting my VA license and proving that I met all the requirements of my home state to reinstate license and therefore (through the compact I think) I should be able to receive a VA license without penalty.
VASAP may not have sent the correct paperwork to DMV. Contact them and see why the record shows you are not in...
What are my minimum and max punishment for subsequent DUIs? Is how harsh your punish is, is determined by the judge that day?
I have a friend with a DUI case pending in Fairfax County, received another DUI 4 months later. First BAC .19, second BAC .13. He's scheduled to graduate in May 2017 with a major in criminal justice and hopes of joining the Air Force reserves. He has no prior criminal records and he has always been doing great things up to this point. I don't understand
DUI law is not user friendly. Both 1st and 2nd offense are class 1 misdemeanors with a maximum possible penalty of 12...
How can I get VA to release the suspension on my license from another state?
VA has cancelled my AL license based on a DUI that I received in MD during Jan 16. My case went to Circuit Ct and I did not receive a conviction. I received probation for one yr. VASAP refuses to release me even though I have completed alcohol education classes based on MD requirements and even though I was not convicted. I have not lived in VA for years and I was not charged with a VA driver license. VA is holding me accountable and attaching this charge to a prior VA license I had from yrs prior. I moved frequently with my career and was unaware VA expects you to call and cancel your VA license. I have been working this for months and cannot resolve, Now VA has cancelled my AL license. I have been working this for over 2 months and cannot resolve. I keep getting passed around to different VASAP offices because they don't know how to handle out of state issues like my sitsustion. Any advice please? I lived in Fairfax County, VA yrs ago.
You may need to hire an attorney in VIrginia to resolve this with the DMV and the Courts. I can't quite make sense...
Can you be hired for a job that requires driving such as an Automotive Tech if you've had a revoked drivers license in the past?
Is there a specific law defining this ?
This will depend on the company and their insurance policy as long gone as you are valid lyles licensed without...