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Dwi implied consent conviction, test refusal
Almost two years ago, my girlfriend and I were pulled over late one night after being out, deputy claimed we switched seats, , we were given breathe test on site, arrested , given test at station, claimed I was fake attempting and give me a refusal, automatic revocation two years and dwi on record, lost refusal hearing, but just won my two day jury trial on both counts, dwi, and test refusal, had a CDL for 17 years, can't drive truck anymore, is there any way to get mn to reanstate me?
Congratulations on the victory in the criminal case. Unfortunately, the civil license revocation and the criminal...
Should I be worried
I got pulled over for dwi and open container and underage drink and drive and driving without a license and it's been about 7 weeks and I have got nothing in the mail or anything but they posted my name in the paper and I'm a minor so could they have dropped the charges?
It's possible that your paperwork has slipped through the cracks somewhere down the line, but not likely. The court...
How do I go about getting my vehicle back after it was forfeited when my son was driving and got a second DWI.
I am hoping to do this with the courts my self. I cannot afford to hire an attorney. I have already recieved the Notice to seize or forfeit the vehicle.
The Minnesota Judical Branch website has a "Self Help Center" which provides information and documents to people who...
Is it too late for a public defender? My attorney had a Stroke and is no longer representing me and the trial is soon.
Hello, I was charged with a misdemeanor Dui in July 2010. There has been several delays, the last one was my Attorney suffered a stroke. Since then his office filed and was granted a motion to no longer represent me as he was the only attorney that handled this sort of thing. I received a notice of a trial date in the mail. Over the last couple years I have fallen on hard times and cannot afford another attorney so I went to the pre trial hearing with hopes to speak to the prosecutor for some sort of plea. I did so and was very disappointed with the offer! The prosecutor then told the judge in court that we have a pending deal and if she does not hear from me today we should go ahead with the trial on Tuesday. My question is; is it too late to ask for a court appointed attorney? According to the prosecutor my two options are to take this deal or represent myself on Tuesday. If I am still able to obtain a court appointed attorney, please advise.
If you qualify for a public defender, the court would likely appoint one to represent you. Normally people apply the...
Charged with felony DUI in Minnesota
I was just charged with felony DUI in Minnesota. I'm assuming that I'll be found guilty of the charges. My question is, if I plead guilty of the charges, is it possible to keep the felony conviction off of my record? I'm willing to do any treatment or DUI Court that's required to do this.
Contact an attorney right away to discuss. You shouldn't rely on this online forum for advice.
Can I be charged with dwi when I wasn't driving, but said I was.
Charged with dwi & test refusal. My boyfriend was driving, but I wasn't in the right state of mind & told them I was driving. I didn't refuse the test, i asked for a lawyer.
You can be charged if the prosecutor thinks there is probable cause that you committed a DWI and a test refusal. Your...
Is it still possible for me to be charged with dui?
I ran a red light and got pulled over. I failed the sobriety test, but passed the breathalyzer. They did a blood test and I'm pretty sure it's going to come up negative. There may be cannabis on the blood test.
Yes, it is very possible that you can be charged with DWI. It's likely that a charging decision won't cine until the...