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Can I be charged with DUI
Somebody said they saw me driving while intoxicated..Supposedly,someone called in and said I was leaving a bar Intoxicated and driving..The police showed up at my door Charging a DUI They did not pull me over they did not see me driving..My car was parked in the driveway, the keys are inside my house..they asked me to go get my keys and took me to go do a blood test
Yes, you can be charged. The question is if they can prove it. That witness would need to come to court to identify...
DUI for reason of reasonable control of vehicle.
A couple weeks ago I was arrested for DUI because I was sitting in the driver seat, with the engine running, at a park by the lake. About four hours before my arrest my daughter text me wondering where I was so I sent her a pinpoint location of where I was located through my iPhone. I also told her I had met some people and was going to be there for a while. The people I met gave me some drinks and I took a hit from a joint. I became sick to my stomach and threw up on my pants. I sent my daughter a message stating I wasn't going to be coming home until early in the morning. I told her I was too tired, but I was drunk and high. I went back to my vehicle to sleep off my intoxication when Pennsylvania State trooper's came to my window. My BAC was around .20 and I had a small amount of marijuana in my blood. They charged me with DUI at the highest tier and having a controlled substance in my blood. So two counts. I had no intention of driving. I was going to sleep it off. Will the fact that I communicated with my daughter the facts I had help me? everything is time stamped. My engine was running because I have a severe neurological disorder and I was freezing cold.
Sitting in the drivers seat of a running vehicle will get you charged with DUI. As to the defenses you may have some...
In Pennsylvania will you lose your driver's license for possession of a "small amount of Marijuana" ?
Caught with possession of less then a gram of marijuana
If you plead guilty or are convicted of Possession of a Small Amount of Marijuana under 35 P.S. 80-113(a)(31), there is...
What is the usual penalty for BUI in PA ?
Conservation officer was waiting at the dock. Was on a jetski. Failed breath test
Contact a local criminal defense lawyer to advise you. Use "find a lawyer" . Most lawyers will offer a free...
How much time could be given on a 3rd time dui in pa in 2001
He was given 12 years in March 2001 for a 3rd time offense. The judge told him he gave him to much time but he would have to appeal it so I'm looking for some kind of case law to show he was given to my time
DId you say 2001? why was he waiting so long to correct this. It is clearly an illegal sentence and a good lawyer would...
If I take a plea for a DWAI in New York with a PA. license is it possible to maintain my driving privileges in PA.
I need my Licence to drive in Pa. for my job.
No it will get suspended your best bet is occupational license.
Will he get deported and not be aloud to enter Canada ?
Wondering what will happen... A friend got pulled over last night and blew over here in Canada he is an American citizen though and was here with his company.
You would need to speak to a Canadian lawyer