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I went for sentencing yesterday for a duo the offered me sobriety court which sound good at the time but I can not afford it.
I rather just to the jail time how to I get out of it?
You need to contact the sobriety court supervisor and tell him or her that you believe you will not be able to comply...
Sobriety Court
Hello, My name is XXX and I have a question. I live in a community which has a Sobriety Court penalization system for OWI offenses. I understand that the original intent of a Sobriety court was to help rehabilitate those who had lost their license's. It was a way of proving sobriety basically to get a license back. The local Judge has created a hybrid plan which in my opinion is tearing family's apart and costing people their jobs and lively hood. It is not a by choice program. The first issue I have with this program is that they require 20% of your GROSS pay, every week. Middle class workers are hit the hardest. 24 weeks minimum. It also requires you to attend and participate in AA 5 times per week, and to accept the 12 point plan. Is this common ? People are afraid to ask questions.
Sobriety Courts run a strict program with a demanding schedule for those you agree to enter into Sobriety Court. 90 AA...
How long until I'm charged?
I got in a car accident, hit a tree, I'm the only one injured (I did have unarmed passengers). I've been in the hospital and know my bac, I haven't heard from police yet. How long do they have to charge me?
Your recitation is a bit difficult to follow but it appears that you may require a consultation with a criminal defense/...
I got arrested for owi, I was diagnosed two years ago with depression and then again right after arrest. can I get it dismissed
its my first offence but suffering from depression...what can I do. if doc would have gave me medication for my depression I would not of been in this state. I only drank when I get very depressed.
They are not going to dismiss it or reduce it past their standard offer simply because of depression. They will only...
What are the chances that a prosecutor will settle an OWPD case?
Is there any chance that a prosecutor would ever work out a deal for a young person on an OWPD charge?
Most prosecutors will offer a reduction as an incentive to avoid trial. Keep in mind, it will still be a substance-...
Can I get a passport with misdemeanor warrant?
Dui unpaid fines
You may be as able to get the passport, however custom s routinely does checks called wants and warrants. You would...
Is it possible to find a car first, install interlock device, and then get my restricted license?
In order to get a restricted license I have to have prove that a interlock device is installed on a vehicle that I'm going to drive. Can I locate a specific vehicle at a dealership, agree in principle to a purchase, and get interlock device installed? Then take my installation proof to the Secretary of State, get my restricted license and then pick-up my car? I found a company that will do installation wherever the car is located. Would it be up to the dealership to agree to do it that way or would there be any additional guidelines that I would need to follow?
It sounds like, from your question, you have already had a hearing at the Administrative Hearing Section, and they have...