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I got 2 DWI 5.5 yrs ago and my license was suspended 4 years which is now over. If I move to OH or IN can I get a new license.
My most recent conviction was 4-1/2 years ago. Or must I get an interlock device? I can't afford that device.
If you are relocating to another state and getting a license there then it will be up to that state whether you need...
My husband just got arrested for DWI and now he has an immigration hold
I'm located in a rural area of North carolina my husband has got an immigration hold this is is SECOND dwi, and he has a few traffic tickets. We got an immigration lawyer and i just paid tons of money for a emotional federal immigration bond hearing? on Monday. We are legally married, he's illegal came illegally, 4 or 5 years ago. im 7.5 months pregnant with our first child, and he's the only one working. What are the chances with a lawyer with him getting out of this? would the 48 hour rule apply in this case of federal bonds? i didn't get much info from my lawyer but they seem hopeful. HE's still in a local jail, but i don't know if they are being helpful just because i forked over half of our savings on this in my desperation to get him out of jail or they he's got a chance.
Assuming that you are a US citizen, have you sponsored your husband for a green card? More facts are needed to answer...
I was denied unemployment in nc because i got dwi can i appeal and win?
I was terminated because i got dwi off the job and after work hours. They said because my position required cdl's and they didnt have a non driving position to put me in that they had to terminate me. I have never applied for unemployment before and i have worked doing this type of job for 21 years straight. Help!
One of the problems you face is that there is a time limitation on filing such appeals, so I urge you to look into this...
I got a dui in north Carolina in 2003 and got put on probation I elected to bypass probation and serve my prison term.
Since then I had gotten several DWLR to tickets, which I have just recently had handled. So I go to DMV to reinstate my license and they tell me I have to complete dwi assessment. That was part of my probation which I elected to bypass and severe my time in prison. Should I still have to do the assessment since it was part of my probation terms or should I be able to get my drivers liscense with time severed.
You may have elected to serve active time, but with a DWI conviction in NC, you're still required to have an assessment...
Will I be able to reinstate my FL DL after a DUI in GA in 2009?
I just went to court and finally handled my DUI. My Florida licensed expired in 2012 & I have not driven since. I actually live in North Carolina and was going to apply for a NC license after I finish DUI school and have my driving ban lifted in GA. I just recently did a driver's license check in FL and realized that my license in FL is revoked/due to the DUI. Want to know if FL will accept the 16 hour certificate class that I take in NC & if I will be able to get my license reinstated there. I am not certain if I can apply for a license in NC if I have a suspended license in another state. Thank you for your help.
Most states inflict DL suspensions and/or restrictions on the holder of a state DL when they receive a DUI/DWI in any...
When is your blood tested after a car accident?
Someone has been in a car accident with serious injuries and taken into an ambulance. There were other people involved in the accident but they were the only one to have their blood tested because an officer said everyone else appeared normal. I read that the police use the blood from the hospital for testing for DUI. The person they tested has been told they had opiates in their system but could that be from the ambulance?
That's a question for a pharmacologist or other medical expert not a criminal defense attorney.
What could happen after a Failure to appear from 19 years ago? Can the warrant be recalled and can this be dismissed for lack of
I was arrested for a DUI in 1998. I hired a lawyer and he was handling my case. He had it continued. Later that year I moved to Florida (I obtained a FL drivers license) where I returned to NC on 3 separate occasions to attend my court date, which in turn was again continued. Some where along the line something got lost in translation and I believed my lawyer had handled this because I never heard from him again. Three years ago I moved back to NC for a teaching job and obtained a NC drivers license. Several Months ago I applied for a hand gun permit and found that I had a warrant. I have contacted the same lawyer and he is suggesting a Class II misdemeanor for careless and reckless. I'm not sure that's in my best interest.
Had your lawyer handle the charge in your absence, you would have either been given an amount to pay to the court for...