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If I have a DUI in VT but have not had my court date yet w/my license suspended, can i transfer my license to CT before it is?
I have a residency established in CT and VT.
You can always try (mind you it is doubtful). Downside though is if you are successful you may end up being suspended...
My ex husband some how gained custody of my son last year, but since has gotten two DUI s. I can I get custody back in court?
I can't afford a lawyer, but his parents pay for his. I am a wonderful mother and am very concerned about my son. The day his father received his lasts DUI was less than a month ago and it was three hours before he was supposed to pick my son up. I feel like I have a good chance to win custody back even without aa lawyer. Do I? I live in VT, by the way.
It looks like this has properly posted as a child custody question. If you can get the underlying police reports on...
What do I need to do to get Florida to release my driving licence.
I had my licence suspended in 2004 for a DUI in Florida. I now live in Vermont and can not figure out how to get Florida to release my licence from up here. It is impossible for me to travel to Florida. I completed my level 1 DUI program in 2005 but did not complete my drug and alcohol treatment requirements. Any advice would be very much appriciated. Thanks.
Unfortunately, you will have to get the Florida DHSMV to clear the old suspension on your license. You will need to...
Will someone with his 6th DUI, out on probation for DUI#5, get prison time in Vermont?
My ex just got DUI #6 in Vermont. He just got DUI #5 in VT on June 26, 2015, so about 6 months ago. This is his 3rd DUI in VT. He has one in PA and two in FLorida. In Florida, his license was permanently revoked for DUI#4. He is currently on probation from DUI#5 and has violated 3 times by drinking, driving w/ no license, harassing others, violating curfew, missing visit to probation, etc. He was put on Strict community supervision Nov. 1, 2015 and given curfew, no alcohol, treatment, etc. He also is a convicted felon in FL with domestic violence/aggravated assault w/ a firearm and battery on a person over 65 charges which he did prison time for. He has a history of violating probation and/or house arrest more than a dozen times in FL on top of his VT violations. He also has 2 other domestic violence convictions in FL. Given his extensive criminal history, his inability to stay sober or follow conditions of release, do you feel he will be charged as a habitual offender and be given real prison time? He is currently in VT prison waiting until the end of Feb. for his VOPhearing. He has a $50,000 bond. His probation officer plans to use EVERYTHING against him.
Possibly. Your ex needs to speak with his public defender.
Is it possible that with this man's extensive criminal history that he will only get 18 months outpatient for DUI 6?
My ex got DUI#6 while on probation for DUI which he got just 7 months ago. He was on strict court supervision with a curfew, no alcohol consumption allowed, no driving as his license is permanently revoked in the State of Florida (after his 4th DUI). Therefore, he cannot get a license in VT. This man also has a history as a convicted felon in Florida for Aggravated Assault with a firearm and battery on a person aged 65 an older. He did a year and a half in Florida prison for those charges. He has DUI#3 and DUI #4 convictions in Florida. He also has been convicted of domestic violence battery two other times in FL. He has a history of multiple violations of probation and house arrest in both Florida and Vermont. He has violated his probation at least 3 times for DUI #5 in Windsor County Vermont since July of 2015. This recent violation is DUI #6. So not only was he drunk, he admitted he was on the arrest Affidavit, he was violating curfew (terms of his probation), drinking (violating probation), driving, (violating probation) and committing a felony offense (DUI#6). His public defender is now trying to make a plea deal where he gets 18 months outpatient and no jail.
If he gets 18 months outpatient and no jail his PD has done a good job. 6 DUI convictions mean this person has a...
I had a fine from a dui in Vermont. It was sent to a collection agency. Do I need to pay the collections before I get license?
It was a $300.00 fine and was sent to collections over 8 month's ago
Generally speaking most states will put a hold on your license until fines are paid off. Call your DMV to see if this...
My boyfriend is on probation for dwi, he got arrested on a warrant for domestic assault. How can he get out of jail?
My boyfriend is on probation for dwi and he got arrested on a warrant for domestic assault, he willingly turned himself in to his po. He was arraigned and bail was set and he had conditions he report to his po as soon as he's bailed out and that he have no contact with the victim. But when I went to bail him out they said he couldn't be bailed out cuz he violated his probation. I'm very confused and don't understand why the judge set bail and gave him conditions of release if he can't be bailed out??
Because no one has set the bail amount on the violation as of yet. He should speak to his counsel.