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What is the worst I can get for first time parfanalia and a legend drug
I got caught with a straw and a clear bottle with nausea pills. I got charged with a legend drug and parfanalia
You need to call an attorney. I'm guessing you also have a DEI. Need to know if you blew or were urine or blood...
Interlock in company car
Have to get interlock I have sr22 insurance can I put interlock in company car since I have no vehicle
You should contact a lawyer directly, in the appropriate jurisdiction, who handles these types of cases.
What can happen if you fail a drug screen during a pti program but for a completely different drug from the one you're charged w
On pti for pot charges Beend doing amphetamines instead and have failed the drug acreen
Uou Can Be Booted Out If diversion.
Can I be found guilty for driving while taking suboxone prescribed to me ? Long story short, drug cops searched my husbands car
They also searched my home and found nothing, I was in store 15 min ,a man told me my 26 yr old son was unresponsive in my car, I went to car, and it turned out they were drug cops in plain clothes, there was 4 of them, Turned out they lied about my son, then said someone reported seeing my car swerving, then all 4 said I smelled of alcohol, (I blew 0.00) ,they all apparently lied about smelling alcohol on my breath and the car could be anyones because they didn't see me drive
Depends if they found drugs in your system, but yes, you can be convicted of a DUI with only prescription medication in...
I was hit by a drunk driver and don't know what to expect.
i was hit by a drunk driver on my way to work in june. i was in my company vehicle and state farm has settled with my job already. i had to go to the hospital for the general check over and i did use my personal health insurance.the total bill was $8,812.65. the amount no covered by my health insurance is $2,475.32. i was not hurt bad. just some bumps and bruises with a small cut on my shoulder. what kind of settlement should i be expecting? is it based off of the hospital bill? they have not offered anything bc we had to wait for all the bills to come in. i've never been in any kind of accident and i don't know what to expect. i don't need a lawyer bc i'm not hurt. i've been living my life just like before. no problems doing anything.
You should contact a personal injury attorney and have them represent you. You should be able to get your medical...
Do neighboring state share probation information?
i would like to know why my aunt is able to blow off her probation in Mississippi for the last 7 months (supervised and owes $3000) and get arrested in Louisiana for dui but not answer for the probation. she has attended court in LA for the dui plus a long list of traffic violations (switching tags on her truck, no insurance, no license, pain pills that did no belong to her and it"s not the first offense). i'm not angry, she needs help and she's a danger to herself and everyone around her.
Yes, states share the info and they do not have to be neighboring states. The probation officer should check his...
Can someone be charged with public intoxication if they were not given a sobriety test or a breathalyzer?
Long story short, my brother in law ( who is 20) got drunk and got into a fight at a bar and got thrown out. He was arrested and spent 3 days in jail before being bailed out ( not by me because I have more sense than that.) They are charging him with. Public intoxication, Resisting an officer, Re-entering a premises after it was forbidden, disturbing the peace, and public intimidation. He came by today and said he is suing the parish because he was never given a sobriety test or a breathalyzer ( although he does admit to drinking, and he is underage) I laughed. But still wonder if he can be charged with the public intoxication etc?
He's suing the parish? Yeah right. Talk is cheap. No attorney would touch that lawsuit since it has no merit. Have...