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I wasn't indicted for my crime and I got put on a 10000 dollar house arrest bond I have a cdl what next
I was arrested on January 10th for drug possession parenphila and other traffic charges including dui even though I passed a breathalyzer and sobriety test I was still charged with dui I was in my personal pickup and I was going to get into my semi truck I wasn't never indicted and these are my first offenses on all charges what happens next
I'm not sure of the facts. But if you were not indicted on any felony charges, the case could be returned to the...
I was charged with a DUI after my ex husband ran the truck into the ditch
My ex husband was still in the driver's seat when the officers showed up. My son and I had gotten into another truck with a stranger to get away from him. He threatened my son's life if I didn't tell them I was driving. He also told a friend of mine that he was driving and for me to not let them convict me of the DUI. The officer never did a test at the jail nor did they give me medical treatment. Can they use the preliminary results in court?
Yes. Hire an attorney to help fight your case.
Can can I own a firearm with a DUI felony?
Can I own a firearm with a third offense DUI felony
If you were subject to more than a year in prison (not what you served, but what you could have served), then federal...
What will happen if I fail to appear in court for DUI and speeding?
I know I probably shouldn't be asking this... but I live in TN and I got a dui in KY and I have court coming up I really don't want to face even another hour of jail time. I don't know if I have any chance to beat it even though I know the field test as far as walking and turning and balancing on one foot went well (one officer even said I did it the best he's even seen.) they used the breathalyzer twice as it seemed like I might not have been drunk and even asked if I had diabetes. This is my first offense I have never been arrested before. Some people have told me to just not appear in court and stay out of KY for a year (statue of limitation for misdemeanor DUI). In case it helps it's not aggravated dui wasn't going 30 over it was 22 over. 92 in a 70 on the interstate. I blew a .114 and a .097 on the intoxilyzer. I keep telling myself don't leave the state and drive out west but I really want to know the likely outcome of this.
If you leave the Commonwealth without otherwise settling the matter a warrant will issue. That warrant could cause...
Do I have a wrongful termination case?
I was injured at work. Failed the drug test that followed the injury and was fired. 2 weeks prior to the injury my doctor tested me and I passed. Went back after being terminated and my doctor did a swab test (passed) blood test (passed) and another urine test (passed). Do I have a case?
If you do then it's unlikely that any DUI lawyer will be able to tell you so. You should re-post this question under...
Can I contest breathalyzer and field sobriety test? What charges for 1st offense DUI aggravated?
This is my first DUI offense and it was DUI with aggravated. On police report it stated the officer followed me out of the parking lot and conducted a traffic stop after observing my driving. He asked me to stand on one leg and I could not do that even if I was sober. I have AVN (avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis) in both knees. Basically, the bones in, above and below my knees are dying bc they aren't getting enough oxygen to keep the bone healthy and alive. This is a very painful condition and on some days I have difficulty with even walking. I was ordered to be in a wheelchair for 3 months by my orthopedic surgeon because I was restricted from any weightbearing on my knees. I read somewhere, while doing reasearch on what might happen to me, that an officer is supposed to observe the driver in question for 15 minutes. On police report the violation time was 8:40pm and arrest was 8:52 pm. My PBT was 0.197.
The PBT is not admissible in court should you decide to proceed to trial. There are many ways to challenge the...
Can I beat a dui first offense if I refused blood work but took breathalyzer and it didn't work?
Was asleep for 10 mins and got woke up in my car and passed all field sobriety tests except the pen test. I refused blood test due to fear of needles so I submitted to a breath test and the machine wouldn't work and was still incarcerated. Can I beat this?
It's unclear when you say the machine didn't work if it refused to provide a result, or just a result that was wildly...