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How can I prove the arresting officer exaggerated the alcohol level on purpose to charge me with a misdemeanor ?
I was stopped first for supposed to be driving 47 in a 30 kph zone. Don't believe that is true due to the fact that I am very aware of my speed limits. But the was asked to step out to take a field sobriety test for which they say I failed and accused to refuse a sobriety test clearly was not true. Was asked to do a step step turn in my sons size ten flip flops and i were a size 6 shoe. Was never asked to recite the alphabet as put on arrest sheet that never happend. Was arrested and taken down to police station were I was told I blew a .07 and on my arrest sheet it says I blew a .17. Before leaving the police station I asked the arresting officer what was gonna happen he clearly told me that the one good thing was that I blew below the alcool level. But on my sheet it says other wise. I've never even had a parking ticket ever in my life. I value my life and the life of other especially my children.
You hire an attorney to represent you.
What do i do now? Do i need a device installed if the court messed up? Can they re charge me and revoke lisence again?
I was convicted as a fellon for vehicular assult and dwi and my licence has been revoke for a year, after the uear was up my PO told me to see what dmv sais and i also am sapposed to have a interlock device in my car. So i went to dmv and they told me my lisence was never revoked and iv had my license this whole time and that i dont need iil installed in car, they seen the documents from court and said it wasnt fully filled out.
License revocation is mandatory so yes you will have your license revoked. Also an IID will need to be installed.
My job is aware of a Felony DWI; I have currently been going to outpatient treatment 3 nights a week which didn’t interfere with
My job is aware of a Felony DWI; I have currently been going to outpatient treatment 3 nights a week which didn’t interfere with my work shift. I am moving to the next phase of treatment and the classes interfere with my work schedule; I was asking to get out a half and hour early. I was denied and told it wasn’t their problem my hours are the set shift. Can they deny me treatment?
If you are diagnosed with alcoholism,you should consult with an employment attorney to discuss how to present a request...
Will DMV take into account the laws at the time of the convictions or am I subject to the more stringent laws passed in 2012?
Unfortunately I have 3 alcohol related driving arrests. 1 DWAI and 2 DWIs. They all date back to 1994 and 2000. Recently I initiated a criminal background check as I was preparing for a job search. I was unclear about the 1994 conviction so I contacted the court to clarify. As it turned out, my file had sat in a drawer for almost 22 years and the conviction was never sent on to DMV. Until after I called. So 22 years after the fact I get a later stating that my license was being revoked. This was based on newer laws passed in 2012, 12 years after my last arrest. I have done everything requested including treatment at the time of the '94 conviction and last month had an evaluation that resulted in a recommendation of further treatment at this time.,
It sounds like DMV has decided to apply the more stringent laws of 2012. See:
Are there any legal steps I can take. I was never notified that I had to appear before the DMV within 10 days or at all.
I was arrested and charged with a DUI in December 2013 in NY.. At the time I still had a NY license but was a resident of Florida. I took my case to trial and was found NOT GUILTY because at the time of my arrest I was not in operation of a motor vehicle, nor was I in operation of a vehicle at any time. I was standing outside a bar when a cop approached me and asked me if I was drinking. I stated that I had been, no need to lie I had nothing to worry about because I was not driving at all. The cop then asked me if I would submit to a breathalyzer and I kindly declined because why would I, I had not broken any laws nor was I in operation of a motor vehicle. Now I am being told by the NYS DMV that I have to pay $750 for them to lift my suspension so that I can get a FL license.
It sounds like you did not appear at the refusal hearing at the Safety Division of the DMV and you were found guilty...
NY State DWI/DWAI predicament - live in New Jersey
My sister received a DWI in NY State in June, She works for a large pharmaceutical in New Jersey, and her job is 85% travel. Without her license, her career is in the tubes. Yes, its always easier to say after the fact and realize the error of your ways.The question here is this lawyer suggested that he will have a better chance of pleading down the case to the DWAI, if her employer would provide a letter she would be fired if convicted. (There is no doubt she will be). However I work for a similar size company and I have a friend in HR who told me no ethical company will provide a written statement like that, regardless that she will lose her job. Before she lets the cat out of the bag to her employer, does this increase the chance of pleading down? Considering other counsel.
She should listen to the lawyer who gave the advise. He or she is in the best position to advise your sister.
Breat test refusal warning
While taking the test the officer didn't warn me I didn't have to take the test or what would happen if I did until I was already blowing. Her time stamp says she gave the warning at x:49 and the test started at x:36 and read at x:50
If you took the test it doesn't matter.