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Dismissed DUI and the DMV. Can I get my license back?
I have a DUI charge that has been dismissed by the courts. I did attend an administrative hearing at which time my DL was taken. This was my 1st offense and I had never even gotten a ticket before. Now the DMV want me to take classes, get a thing installed in my car for a min of 2/years and other requirements. All of this for a first offense, zero driving record and a dismissal? Are there any laws or statutes for my particular case?
Most likely you refused the breath or blood test. The sanction of the interlock device and classes along with a couple...
I am likely to be required by the state of Oklahoma to have an interlock device installed . Will Colorado also require it ?
I was cited for DUI a month ago . My BAC was . 17 . I have yet to be formally charged . I had a previous conviction 9 years ago that was deferred and all probation completed successfully and my record expunged ( from public view ) . I have a home in Colorado and keep a vehicle there , different from my primary vehicle , to drive when there ( bad roads , FWD necessary , etc . ) . From what I can tell , I can be issued a Colorado driver's license . If my Oklahoma DL is modified to require an interlock device , will Colorado authorities be notified and will my Colo license also be modified to require the same ? P . S . The state of Oklahoma has lost my driver's license and has issued me a paper license that I could relinquish to the Colorado DMV .
All 50 states have reciprocity agreements as they relate to alcohol-related driving offenses. What does that mean? it...
What should I do about my outstanding DUI?
I got a DUI in Colorado two years ago that hasn't been taken care of. There is a warrant out for my arrest. I am now living in California and this is my third DUI. If continue not to do anything about it and wait to get caught what should I expect to happen to me? Also if I did want to fix this whole situation how would I go about doing it?
If you wait to get caught, the warrant could be outstanding for a minimum of about 7 years up to forever. DUI warrants...
Can a minor get a dui expunged in Colorado?
Got arrested for dui at 17 blew a .17 2 years probation lost license for a year 48 hours community service.
Assuming you were charged in County Court and not Juvenile Court, then you cannot seal or expunge it. However, if the...
How long can they have you on a tail on a dui?
I have a friend that got a dui and they gave him a 5 year probation tail here in Colorado . I have heard that the law has changed to they can keep you only for 2 yeares is this true?
No clue what a probation tail is be interested to see what co lawyers say.
Is it possible to get a dui removed from your record to get a job ?
Lets say that I have good time under my belt . I have also proved that I have had help with alcolhism can i get a dui removed from my record? How much woukd it cost and what is the process?
Unfortunately, a DUI can never be removed from your record. The statute specifically states this. Sorry.
Trying to decide if I should take a deferred judgment for a DUI charge
I was arrested for a dui 6 months ago in Arapahoe county. I have hired an attorney and I was able to win the motor vehicle hearing. The DA is offering me a deferred judgment and even though I have a strong case, my attorney thinks I should take it if I want to avoid trial. What kind of probation is involved for a dui deferred judgment and once I complete it, will the dui be off my record? Will the fines, classes, drug screening, etc be the same as if I was on probation for a DUI? My attorney is on vacation so I can't ask him.
I will tell you from the standpoint of Arizona law. Typically, a deferred judgement means that the Court holds off on...