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  • USCG to Commission 6th National Security Cutter

    Monday Sep 26 | via Marine News 

    The U.S. Coast Guard announced Monday that the service's sixth national security cutter, Munro, will be commissioned April 1, 2017, at the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal in Seattle. The cutter, which will be homeported in Alameda, Calif., is named after the Coast Guard's only Medal of Honor recipient, Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro .


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  • Alameda deputy's wife arrested in DUI crash that kil...

    Sunday Sep 11 | via My Mother Lode 

    The wife of an Alameda County Sheriff's deputy has been arrested in connection with a DUI crash that killed a 3-year-old boy in San Ramon. The California Highway Patrol said 39-year-old Yarenit Malihan of Pleasanton was behind the wheels of an SUV that rear-ended a stalled Toyota Camry on the side of Interstate 680 Friday night.


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  • Alameda Deputy's Wife Arrested In DUI Crash That Kil...

    Sunday Sep 11 | via CBS Local 

    CBS13/CW31 Television NEWS TIPS: Call 916-374-1301; toll-free: 1-800-374-TV13 or email [email protected] CBS13 is getting answers.


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  • Wife Of Alameda Sheriff's Deputy Arrested After Alle...

    Saturday Sep 10 | via CBS Local 

    CBS San Francisco Connect With Us At KPIX 5 PROGRAM GUIDE: KPIX 5 TV Schedule WATCH: A Glimpse Inside The Working KPIX 5 Newsroom Breaking News Send news tips, video & photos, and video to the KPIX 5 [] CONNECT WITH KCBS Welcome to KCBS All News 740AM & 106.9FM on! LISTEN LIVE RIGHT NOW: KCBS Live Audio Stream LIKE KCBS Radio On Facebook: KCBS is the Bay Area's only all news station, serving listeners with [] SAN RAMON - The wife of a local Sheriff's Deputy has been arrested for an alleged DUI after a deadly crash Friday night that left a little boy dead and his mom hospitalized. The accident happened in San Ramon near the Bollinger Canyon exit on Interstate 680.


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  • Calif. prosecutor to charge 7 officers in sex scandal

    Saturday Sep 10 | via 

    Seven current and former San Francisco Bay Area police officers will be charged in a sexual misconduct scandal involving a teenager who was later arrested in Florida in an unrelated assault case, a prosecutor said. The wide-ranging scandal surfaced in June when the teenager, who described herself as a prostitute, said she had sex with law enforcement officials in Oakland and elsewhere in the region.


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  • Raiders' Underwood looking forward to seeing Raisman

    Aug 23, 2016 | via WZVN-TV Fort Myers 

    A Twitter posting by an Arizona man who was arrested on suspicion of killing his roommate during a struggle could elevate the severity of charges he could face. Kansas is asking a federal appeals court to keep thousands of people who haven't yet provided the documents to prove they are U.S. citizens from voting in November's election.


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Alameda Law

Was SB 598 Renewed in 2016? I was convicted of a third DUI/10 years. 2 in 2007. Can I get a restricted license in Alameda Co?
Was SB 598 Renewed in 2016? I was convicted of a third DUI/10 years. 2 in 2007. Can I get a restricted license in Alameda Co? I believe prior to January 2016 , when it was to be renewed, a person with a third DUI could get a restricted license after 30 days with an IID. I haven't recent a clear answer on this.
The best place to get an answer to your question is Mandatory Actions, 1.916.657.6525. Due to the passage of time you...
What do I need to gain a release from CHP? If we're both on the registration do I still need a permission from him for someone w
OK my boyfriend got a DUI, no license, on a car we have yet to register. Just bought it recently. Aside from his poor judgment, my question is solo about the car. What do I need to gain a release from CHP? If we're both on the registration do I still need a permission from him for someone with valid license to pick up the car from the impound? - thanks New. To ALL this....
If you have yet to register the vehicle you might have problems getting the vehicle released to you. You should take...
It is possible for defense to make a second 1538.5 motion at trial in a misdemeanor DUI case if there is new evidence/testimony?
If a pre-trial suppression motion, at which the officer testified, was heard and denied, but then the same officer testifies at trial and provides new/different facts (specifically relating to issue of probable cause for detention) is there an opportunity for defense to make a new motion to the trial judge on the basis of the new evidence (which could not have been known prior to trial)? In reading 1538.5(h) it seems that this is possible, but I can't tell from that subsection's wording if it only applies to cases in which there has not already been a pre-trial 1538.5 motion. Thank you for your time.
No. But if the officer is testifying to different facts, why not impeach with the transcript of the 1538 and let...
I'm on disability and I'm being sued for driving dui. I cannot afford an attorney. How can I defend myself?
I was driving dui and I served my time for it. The car I was driving was not mine and I was not insured. I came to a slow stop at a stop sign and went through it and was rammed by a speeding car on the passenger side where the car owner sat. Passenger was slightly injured and the car was considered totalled by passenger's insurance company. Police arrived at the accident scene and I was field tested and breathalyzed and I was cuffed and arrested, I was taken away. This being my first offense, I was charged with DUI only and I served my community service time. I am now being sued for a great deal of money (over a quarter million dollars) and I have no insurance to drive (I don't own a car) and I am on disability. How can I defend myself?
Talk to your local bar association. Often, many attorneys will take pro bono cases or reduced fee cases, and the bar...
Early probation termination
I am on probation in 2 counties. Both for DUI. Alameda and Fresno. I appeared in court for one and it is clear they both are not aware of each other and the P told me keep it low. Is it "possible" to request an early probation termination from one of these counties and the other not know?
yes this is a special motion under the Penal Code which allows you to request early termination of probation it...
Can I move out of state while still serving summary probation for a DUI?
I recently was convicted for a DUI and am on summary probation for 36 months. I have paid my fines and completed my mandatory class. I'd like to move back to the east coastal be near family and get a fresh start. I am allowed to move to a different state and complete my probation there?
Generally being in summary probation just means to "violate no laws." So moving out of state may be ok. But if may...
I was charged with a felony DUI. It is my second DUI. Is there any way I can have my formal probation dropped to informal?
My paperwork said formal. When I went into probation for assessment she said she recommended informal. Because I had already signed up and started my DUI course and was paying my fines. Signed the papers then she called back & said since it's my second one it would be more intense & another department would send a letter. I am also currently serving my 4 months of house arrest. I'm definitely not wasting time and doing what I'm suppose to do.
You need to return to your attorney for your DUI case. That attorney can assist you and advise you better than any...