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Do cops or state police have to be certified to give you a breathalyzer test?
A person was arrested for a dui before I was and I was wondering if the machine was properly cleaned and caliberiated before I took the test and if the arresting was certified since he was only 25 years old?
Officer is required to have specific training and certifications.
I plead guilty to refusal chemical test was given 10 days jail. now its time to plea to the dui charge. what are my options?
I have been placed on the AADP program as well and have been attending and paying for the cost.
I am confused by your initial question. You should not be pleading guilty to two separate issues regarding your OWI...
I have not be found guilty for a 2nd owi, however, i have been made upon release from jail, to attend AADP. do i have any rights
Allen county, Ft Wayne Indiana
How can I complete an Illinois DUI Program in Indiana?
I received a DWI in Illinois and need to complete a Level 2 Significant Program in Indiana. This consists of 10 hours of Remedial Education followed by 20 hours of group or individual counseling. I really want to get this started as soon as possible and do as much as I can online if at all possible. Where can I do this in the state of Indiana?
If this is for the Secretary of State, you can do the ten hours online at TomWilsoncounseling.com. If for the courts...
If you are on probation for third Dui can you drink in bars and at home
Someone. I know frequent bars all week and is getting drunk at home.
Whether a probationer can visit bars or drink at all depends upon the conditions of probation ordered by the judge. "No...
DUI but not pulled over?
I was arrested for a DUI (1st time for me) while I was outside of my car but was followed for a brief period. I failed the breathalyzer but had also just thrown up right before the test, which I've read would alter the test. In addition, my Miranda Rights were never given to me, my car was never looked at and my friends were not interviewed. Do I have a shot of getting this dismissed?
People frequently ask about getting a case dismissed without giving anywhere near the facts that we need to provide an...
Why is the DMV requiring me to have an sr-22 when I've only been arrested and charged with an OWI but not convicted of it yet?
I was arrested for an OWI back in May 2016. My initial hearing was waived for plea of not guilty. Then I got my suspension letter from the DMV for 6 months and went to hearing for sdp license. DMV is showing I'm required of the sr-22 for 3 years, how can they do that if I haven't even been convicted yet?
SDP requires high risk insurance.