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Is there a statute of limitations for DUI?
My second and last DWAI. conviction was 15 years ago. What will I have to do to get my license back?
Not sure I understand your post completely. In order tor e-gain your license, you are going to have to visit the...
Do I need a different dui attorney or can my current dui attorney fix this?
I got a dui in february of 2014. I hired an attorney and immediately told him I did not want any deals as I had identified several triable issues. I have legal experience in another state but huge personality with female judge anxious to make an example of me, refusal and gave cop a hard time. Anyway, case was set for trial, lawyer failed to gather the evidence, send out subpoenas I suggested and I entered a plea to a dwai and careless driving with atty screaming at me in open court that he would leave, even tho potential jurors in next room if I didnt take plea. I also told judge I was on tranquilizers. Atty said license safe, now suspended and going to hearing what should atty do or me for that matter. He misled me. I did not voluntarily plead and judge sua sponte should have aborted ple
Well. It is difficult to set aside a plea of guilty particularly when you have an attorney. Also, it has been my...
It has been six years since my DUI. DO I still have to get an Interlock?
I have not driven in these six years and do not even drink anymore. I do not have the money for an interlock either.
Great question. The answer to your question will be given when you appear at the Department of Motor Vehicles assuming...
Will a prior DUI come up on a background check?
Im currently on probation for a DUI. I will be done by and everything will be complete by October of this year. Per my sentencing my lawyer got my DUI to a deferred sentence as long as I comply with what the court ordered which I have. I will recently be looking for a job after I graduate as a medical assistant in August. Is this going to effect my chances of getting a job in the health care field?
Yes. But honesty is the best policy, right? The experience will come up on a background check. Fortunately, you are...
Had Intoxalock 2 days numerous rolling tests failed now lock out. Are these units inferior? What company has best performance?
Draeger is gone in Colorado. Had to go elsewhere, Did not have any issues with Draeger for 1 1/2 years, I am knowledgeable about how to use interlocks. Any suggestions, no fails, just failed rolling retests, also unit does not have an audible tone warning have to check visually constantly while driving, unsafe, will these lockouts and failed rolling tests affect my restricted license if unit is defective?
You did not mention what brand of Interlock you had installed. Many people think SmartStart is reliable. You should...
How can I get dui removed from my dmv record
I had dui in 2009/2010 I did all the classes, probation, and 2yrs interlock, since it is showing in my dmv record I am unable to get job
I am sorry but you will not be able to remove a DUI conviction from your Colorado driving record. The DUI conviction...
19 year old charged with possession and consumption of alcohol. Should I fight it/ how
So say my friend named Bob gets pulled over in the passenger seat of the car. The driver is 18 and Bob is 19. There is a bottle of empty strawberry vodka on the floor which Bob is unaware of and the cop sees the empty alcohol and confiscates it The driver does a Breathalyzer and passes. Bob, the passenger refuses to because it's pointless. (Bob probably should have anyway). The cops keeps trying to get Bob to admit to drinking but Bob never does. The driver also tells the police that he has no idea if Bob has been drinking. Foolishly, Bob agrees to the horizontal gaze nystagmus test and fails. The police don't push alcohol charges on the driver but they do charge Bob. Bob never admitted guilt but failed test. How screwed is Bob? the police said they could smell vodka on bob
It reads as if Bob has been charged with an MIP offense. If Bob has never faced a similar charge, Bob is going to be...