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I have a friend that needs a DUI lawyer
My friend had no driver license, but he drove while drinking. He had pulled in the yard . He had got in a altercation with someone and wouldn't calm down . So I called the law and they had ask him had he been driving. They didn't see him driving but he confessed to it.
I'm not really seeing a question in your fact pattern. Your friend needs to start calling dui attorneys to discuss his...
Dui case
How is it that the prosecutor can give my case file to mothers against drunk drivers before my case is over. And how is it that their opinion on my case can affect me and
I must say that I have never known this to happen. Before a disposition was made? Could it be that the case is a...
Whats next? I got a DUI and im visiting the US.
I was arrested and charged with DUI. Possesion of alcohol. And over speeding. And i have to leave the country in a week but im planning on coming back for my court day.. what could happen? Do i have to do jail time here even though i dont actually live here.? What should i say in my court day? And im only 20. Whats going to happen?
I would suggest you contact an attorney to discuss your specific situation as more facts would be necessary to answer...
In a DUI ALS hearing, is it a bad idea to for a lawyer to request a continuance, (or multiple continuances) on a DUI refusal?
What are the reasons to do or not do this. I have had differing opinions. Is it so that hopefully, by the time the hearing does come, that the discovery has already been obtained? I wouldn't want to make the judge mad. Do most attorneys have access to the the police report and dash cam video at the ALS hearing. I thought that could take a long time. Also, if the suspension does go through, does that time suspended apply towards the suspension given for the criminal case. (I do understand one is administrative and the other is criminal... totally separate issues.) Thanks!
You have by now heard most if not all the reasons why this might be done. Most of my continuances occur as a result of...
My Georgia drivers license has been suspended for 3 years on a 2/5 dui. I successfully completed Dui Court program and
All of its requirements.. Do I still have to install interlock device? I previously had no reason to drive. I have a job offer that requires valid DL
You will, unless you can get the sentencing judge to waive that requirement.
Should I got a lawyer to try and have a dui refusal dropped to failure to use caution are something of that manner?
My boyfriend is on a first offender charge for weed. He served 6 months in a probation detention center and got 10 years on probation. He recently got arrested for a dui refusal. He blew twice on the side of the road where he didn't register but didn't blow after he was taken to the jail house. At the time of the stop he had a warrent that has been resolved. To date my boyfriend is current on all probation fees, he reports every month. He just recently got his license back. Should I invest in a lawyer to try and have the dui refusal dropped to a failure to use caution? If it is dropped to a failure to use caution would that resolve the probation violation which is keeping him in jail?
Yes, your boyfriend should hire a lawyer. A DUI refusal comes with a year license suspension. Also, your boyfriend...
Can I fight this dui
I was charged with a dui I blew a .17. At the scene. Which I was just informed of and I blew a .217 and .218 at the station they are now saying that the first test wasn't accurate this happened back in 2013. I was told it was going to get dropped to reckless but when I went to court recently they said they wernt going to offer that plea deal anymore becuase they were being more strict even though they've been saying for two months it was going to get reduced. . And they are saying that mothers against drunk drivers was handed my case info by the prosecutor.. How is that right. And how is it that there opinion had a say in my case
First off, if you haven't already make sure you hire a DUI attorney. If you have talk to your attorney. An attorney can...