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I have an Arizona drivers license and a dui in Arizona requiring an interlock device on my car. I have one.
Also, I have a car in Hawaii. If I get stopped in Hawaii, will the police know that Arizona requires me to have an interlock device in my car? It does not say "interlock required" on the duplicate ARizona drivers license I have.
Its not likely that the police will know about the Arizona requirement, however, it depends on how sophisticated Hawaii'...
I'm currently being investigating me on an alleged 7of drug use
I was accused of use of drugs not too long ago to CPS. I haven't heard much from the caseworker other than a few voice mails left. I've been combing and researching everything possibly related to my particular cas and none if them relate to this question or subject. So my question is would enrolling into a cps/-court approved program have any negative impact in my case if there should be a formal one in the future?
My advise is simple... You can answer your question best if you stop doing your own research, discontinue playing...
Pleaded guilty for DUI. Paid my dues/fines and agreed to take the class. Says "No LR" under the Conditions
I am a resident in Honolulu, HI and planning to move to CA. I got arrested for DUI back in November 2016. Attended court appearances and since I wanted to move to CA as soon as possible, I agreed to paid my fines, pleaded guilty and will take the traffic class (willing to do treatment for substance abuse if I need to). When I double checked my docs it says "No LR" under conditions. Does that mean I can get my driver's license back?
Your license was likely revoked by the ADLRO. If it was, you can get it back after the revocation period ends.
How can my family and I avoid a subpoena requiring us to testify against someone with a DUI charge?
Someone drove drunk, hit our car late one night and routinely we called the cops to address the situation. As key witnesses encountering a defendant exiting said car drunk, we have been subpoenaed to testify against said driver. However, this person has been apologetic and remorseful for the actions committed, for personal gain probably. Regardless, we as a family do not wish to ruin this persons life. How do we avoid this subpoena?
You do not avoid the subpoena. Make it clear to the prosecutor that you have forgiven the driver and do not wish to...
Can they still arrest you after being let go for a DUI suspension?
I was driving with no lights, [this was at 2am] & I realized it was off and I turned it on. Not realizing there was a cop behind me. He followed me for two traffic lights & finally turned his blue lights on and pulled me over. He informed me on the reason why I was being pulled over, which mentioned above. Driving with no lights at night & asked me if I have been drinking. I did say yes & told him I had just one beer. He then asked me to step out of the vehicle and he was going to perform a sobriety test. Which I feel like I totally failed because I'm normally a nervous person, not because I was drunk. He did the eye light test, then the walk test, then the one foot up in the air test. Not sure if I passed he asked me to take a breathalyzer test. I was fine with it, took the test & he told me I was free to go. I was in an emotional state so I wasn't myself. Will I get charged for a dui after the fact if he let me go. He wrote down my name on the breathalyzer form I had to sign so not sure what happens next.
If he thought you were DUI, he would have arrested you at the scene, not let you drive away. Don't worry about it.
Do I turn myself in because I have warrants for two DUI?
I have two DUI that I got several years ago. Never followed up with AA meetings or driver Ed classes. What's the best way to take care of this issue?
Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to review and advise.
When a baby is born with drugs in their system, how long does the hospital have legally before they have to notify CPS?
My baby was born and we were told that everything was fine with her health and that she was born 100% drug free. Now after being under the impression that I'm gonna be taking her home, they are trying to tell me that she's not going home with me because she tested positive. Which I thought if the baby is born positive, they have to let parents know immediately?
Legally, there is no timetable. The hospital is a "mandatory reporter," and hospital personnel generally report...