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Complete DUI class.
2 years ago I received a DUI charge. I completed my house arrest and was paying the fines. I finished 2 months of the DUI class but then had to move to NH. Warrant was issued . I returned this week and my probation was reinstated. I asked if I could compete class out of state . She [judge] said she didn't see why not and to ask the DUI class people to refer me to NH for classes. When I went to enroll they stated it didn't say in the transcript or the mins I think he called it . And it has to be in there . Long story but my question is could a lawyer attend court and ask that be added ? The DUI class people stated I don't have to be present at there office for the referral. I'm going to NH tomorrow
Yes, a lawyer can make this request for you. Generally though, credits won't transfer because requirements that...
How does a dui with bodily injuries
I got charged with dui and bodily injuries and they told me I could get time but it's my first offense and ebryine is alright
You need to get an attorney ASAP. Regardless if it's your first offense a DUI with injury can be charged as a felony,...
I have a driving on suspended license and drug paraphernalia charge in riverside county. Am I looking at jail time ?
I was driving in Lake Elsinore, Ca. and was pulled over. I have a suspended license for a DUI I got over over 3 years ago. At the time of my DUI I had a suspended license as well. I DID NOT have drugs on me but they found drug paraphernalia. My car was impounded and I was cited and released. I have a court date and I was wondering what am I looking at as for a consequences. I got a letter stating that I am eligible for Prop 36 but am I looking at jail time? My bond is $3,500. Will I be taken into custody on my court date ?
If you received a notice that you are Proposition 36 eligible then it is NOT likely that you will receive jail time....
Can I obtain a California Finance Lenders license if I have misdemeanor convictions?
I had a misdemeanor conviction about 20 years ago, and I have disclosed this in obtaining my licenses with the California BRE and NMLS and my license in Florida too. Have been cleared each time before license issuance. Would this be a problem for a CFL license? Thank you.
probably not given the age of the conviction; however, particularly if it was for a financial crime, it could be a...
Would I lose my license if I refuse DUI field sobriety tests?
If I was stopped for suspicion of DUI and I refused all DUI tests, would I lose my license?
No. You are allowed to refuse FSTs. However, refusing them won't prevent you from getting arrested. You cannot refuse a...
I read on this site that DUI consist of two hearings, DMV and court. Son is also schedule for CHP hearing, should we be concern?
First time DUI... Had drinks night before. Had car accident at 11:00am due to car malfunction, not sure of proper car part name but basically part that holds rear wheel broke causing his tire popped and he lost control in highway hitting the freeway side wall. CHP came to accident site. No other property injured or damaged.
DUI is serious, be sure to see a ticket attorney. Don't treat this as a simple matter.
Is there an alternative sentence I can get now instead of DUI classes in Ca.?
4 yrs ago I was falsely accused of assaulting an officer, out here in Riverside county you DON'T EVER WIN CASES AGAINST COPS. So since then I am constantly harassed by police, so I got pulled over like 2 yrs. Ago for expired tags &I had 2 other people w/me. After running my name she asked the other 2 to sit on the curb then asked me to get out & she cuffed me searched my vehicle and planted some type of pills in little baggies. She let my friends drive my car w/expired tags from Murrieta, Ca. -Hemet, Ca. When tested I came up positive for diazepam 2 points over the legal limit, but I also have a prescription for them. I received a letter from DMV stating it was irrelevant to them and I could keep my license. It had been 9yrs. 10 mos. Since my first DUI. But they sentenced me to 52days of house arrest, $2900 fine, & $542more. 18 mos dui class. All ihave left is $1100 16 more months of class. But the program runner remembers me from almost 10 yrs. Ago, idk why but she hates me. I got kicked out of program for falling asleep 1 time, I have ton of medical problems & mental health. Can't I take some alternative? I also have agoraphobia!!!
The classes are a requirement for your drivers license. The only alternative if you fail to complete is time in jail....