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My mom lost her husband to caner unexpectedly October 30th and while at the bank a few days ago a drunk driver hit her truck
The truck was totaled and her pets were inside. This was her husbands vehicle and all she had left of him. She about passed out when she came out of the bank to find her truck on its lid! She said she wished she had been in it. She has been thru hell. Her dog was injured also. Is she entitled to more than just blue book on the truck and vet bills? Im wondering about compensation for the mental distress she is under. So worried about her... just not fair what she's been thru. Thank you
If vehicle is totaled, fair market value, which is not the same as blue book, reimbursement of tag and tax on a pro...
If my my DUI charge we settled with a lesser charge of a PI will I still have to take classes and put a breathalyzer on my car
Went to court a year and a half and finally settled on a charge of PI in a DUI case. DMV had said I will have to have a breathalyzer for 18 months and take classes. Will this still be necessary if I was not convicted of a DUI.
Probably but you should have asked this question of your lawyer before you took the deal. Not too late to ask but if...
Can I get my SDA license after completing my deferred felony APC with a certified letter from my physician or must I wait.
I am about to complete probation for a felony deferred APC and I was wondering if I must wait the three years from the end date or can I apply with a certified letter from my physician stating that I do not need substance abuse treatment.
Will a DUI or public intoxication arrest prevent me from getting a license? In short: A single conviction is...
Can I refuse just the blood test but willing to take a urine or any other test because a needle phobia
I got a DUI for driving under the influence of marijuana an the officer and I said I will take any test except a blood test due to a phobia of needles from my childhood and was denied any other way to test an so my license got suspended an got a temporary license
In most situations, you're given a choice between breath and blood.
Can I get my driver licens if I pay up my fines and take the drivers test and pass it even tho I got a lot of trouble
I have never had my driver license and have been in a lot of trouble getting pulled over with out it and I have been in a couple wrecks to
You have not provided enough information here. All we can say is perhaps to questions like this.
Is it legal for a State Trooper to arrest someone for a DUI after passing a BAC test 3 times, back to back?
July 4, 2016: Around 23:00 hours my dad was arrested for a DUI after he passed 3 BAC tests in a row. The trooper told my dad someone was on their way to pick up my mom, (heavily intoxicated) younger brother (18 yrs), and younger sister (14 yrs), when what really happened was: The trooper told my unlicensed brother to drive home from the place where they had been stopped after he drove his police car away from the scene. Home was still at least 45 minutes away from where they got pulled over and my dad was arrested. Please tell me what legal action(s) can be made against this officer and/or the Claremore Police Department. Can harrasment charges be filed?
DUI is a crime of driving under the influence. One can be under the influence of something other than alcohol. If the...
Can my husband and I get guardianship of my great granddaughter if I had a felony dui 20 years ago?
20 years ago I had a felony dui with a suspended sentence. I got supervised probation, fines and community service. Nothing since that time. My granddaughter doesn't want her and she has been in our custody and care since her birth on 5-18-2015. She isn't married to the father. He is on probation and on the run. I don't know her location except for arkansas. I can't get her to call me or give me the ss# so I can get the medical card updated to reinstate benefits. The ssa won't give it to me unless I have her notarize a paper saying she wants us to have guardianship and the ss#. She won't do that either. The father has the ss# and medical card and would never let her give it to us. Any advice would be helpful. Thank You
You are not eligible because of your felony conviction, but your husband could be eligible to be the guardian. In...