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I was arrested for public drinking at the comcast center parking lot. Is this legal since its a private property venue?
I was singled out of nearly 50,000 people, I am 25 years old and was with all adults. We were all asked to show proof of our age by showing our license, and then told to have a good time. About an hour later the police came by, singled me out and gave me a ticket to appear in court on may 23. The concert was May 18th. I went to court today and was given community service along with 5 others who were also arrested. The other 5 people were under age drinking and was given the same sanctions as I.
I would need to know a little bit more info in order to answer your question. What is the specific statute number or...
Can I receive a probation violation after my probation expires?
I did 3 years of probation that expired October 6, 2012. October 31, 2012 I received a call from the probation officer where my case originated and was told I am receiving a violation and being arraigned November 2, 2012 because they had forgotten to send it out while I was on probation. Can I still be violated after my probation expired?
The short answer to this question is no. However, it may be necessary to look at the dates of the possible violation...
I got a dui 4 yrs ago in colorado. Got put on probation and completed 3.5 yrs. Had 2 months to go and fled to massachusetts
Completed 3.5 yrs of probation originally got 2 yrs and 30 days in jail. Completed the jail and have had 1 on 1 counseling and a weekly class with probation. Enrolled in class 3 days after the dui. I have had clean drug tests at least 6 a month for a yr. Recently failed for opiates and was told to report to a program the next day. I had 2 months left on probation but got scared and left and moved to Mass. Since being here I've enrolled in a Intensive outpatient program and have been attending meetings everyday in hopes to complete probation here in mass. probation has contacted my bfs family trying to find out where I am. I couldn't deal with the probation officers threats and thinking I was lying when I wasn't. The pressure was to much. I was scared but im trying to handle it here. It's easier to stay clean without the pressure of my mom who is nuts and the probation who thought i was just a liar. I start the IOP ON Monday but the probation is saying I have a nationwide warrant and the people in contact with me will get punished as well. My dui was for not using my blinker. Is there really a nationwide warrant or a colorado one. Will I be extradited?
You're going to need to contact a Colorado defense attorney to see if he/she can help you with that warrant there, and...
Does massachusetts require a breathalizer a motor boat
I have a breathalizer in my car do i need one in my motor boat in massachusetts
The law requires interlock on any registered vehicle, but excludes installation on motorcycles. Though I've not...
In ma i have to call in for random drug tests today i called and they said i had to go in.....what happens if i miss this
On probation with random drug tests the recording told me to come in
You will be in violation of the terms of your probation and might be subject to being surrendered. If you don't go in...
The right to operate a motor vehicle is revoked for lifetime in MA. Can I attain a license in another state?
I had three dwi's in past last was 1985 refused a test in 12/2016. Mass sent a letter stating revoked for lifetime? I'm up in age (56) and planning on leaving Mass to retire. Just curious to what state may be suitable.
It is highly unlikely you will be able to obtain a license in any other jurisdiction, but you would have to inquire in...
My probation form says that i am subject to alcohol tests. But it says nothing about drug tests. Am i subject to drug tests?
The box for alcohol tests IS CHECKED OFF AND I HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT I AM SUBJECT TO ALCOHOL TESTS. The box for drug tests is not checked off though. does this mean i am only subject to alcohol tests, and not drug tests?
Best to ask the probation department our guesses really won't help.