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I was arrested for public drinking at the comcast center parking lot. Is this legal since its a private property venue?
I was singled out of nearly 50,000 people, I am 25 years old and was with all adults. We were all asked to show proof of our age by showing our license, and then told to have a good time. About an hour later the police came by, singled me out and gave me a ticket to appear in court on may 23. The concert was May 18th. I went to court today and was given community service along with 5 others who were also arrested. The other 5 people were under age drinking and was given the same sanctions as I.
I would need to know a little bit more info in order to answer your question. What is the specific statute number or...
Can I receive a probation violation after my probation expires?
I did 3 years of probation that expired October 6, 2012. October 31, 2012 I received a call from the probation officer where my case originated and was told I am receiving a violation and being arraigned November 2, 2012 because they had forgotten to send it out while I was on probation. Can I still be violated after my probation expired?
The short answer to this question is no. However, it may be necessary to look at the dates of the possible violation...
I drank about 4 beers and 1 shot on a friday night and i got a urine test for alcohol on a Tuesday morning am i gonna fail
I drank 4 beers and one shot on a friday night i got a urine test on a Tuesday morning around 10 am is it possible i will fail.
Probably not alcholhol runs through your system in about 24 hours. But if you are concerned about this perhaps you...
Parked in a parking lot due to having spilled soup all over my vehicle. Had not been drinking yet a breathalizer showed a .08.
arrest was made since vehicle was running due to the temperatures being in the teens.
What is your question? Did you submit to a blood test? Do you have alibi witnesses to your whereabouts and lack of...
Is a .07/.08 breathalizer of 0.7-0.8 grounds for an arrest when vehicle was parked?
I soilled soup in my vehicle so i parked in a parking lot and the police showed up to do a check, proceeded to assume i had been under the influence and adminstered a breathalizer which came up .07/.08...they were unclear as to whch one it was.
You need a lawyer. This is a case that should be won. Good luck Nick 978-853-0982
How to get my license in Springfield MA after a DUI in Florida?
I was charged with a DUI in Florida and finish what the court ordered. But I wasn't able to get my license from Florida and I moved to MA.
You'll have to clear up any pending restrictions in FL before MA will give you a license.
MA license, out of state DUI and refusal - what am I facing at MA RMV hearing?
Arrested for DUI in PA. Accepted into PA's ARD program for 1st offenders, complied with all requirements (case is now expunged). I am now close to finishing the 1 year suspension in PA for chemical test refusal. I notified MA RMV about a year ago of my PA refusal suspension - my MA license was revoked indefinitely until resolution of the PA suspension. I am wondering what may happen when I see a hearings officer at a MA RMV after I am cleared with PA. I am worried that MA may impose an additional suspension even after being revoked for close to a year (due to counting out of state offenses as having occurred in MA). Is this a valid concern or should I have nothing to worry about?
Usually court and Rmv are separate and RMV can impose a separate suspension. Hire an attorney to help you out with this...