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If my license is suspended in Wisconsin can I get it back in Illinois?
I got in an accident in November 2015 , we didn't pay for the other vehicle and got my license suspended . Can I get them back in Illinois
No, since most states have reciprocity honoring one another's suspensions, and since their traffic computers all talk...
If I got a DUI in Illinois but am a Wisconsin resident, can I still drive in Wisconsin?
I'm supposed to have my license suspended for 6 months for a DUI I got in IL as of 6/16/16 which was 3 days ago. I contacted the WI DMV and they said my license is still valid until IL reports the conviction to WI. But I thought Wisconsin wasn't part of the driving compact? So can I just pay to get my driving privileges in IL reinstated after the 6 months and just not drive in IL until then? Will I need to follow any process in WI to keep driving? I'm in the process of applying for the BAIID that IL requires but I don't want to start payments until I know I absolutely need it.
I'm going to change your practice area from Government to DUI/DWI in the hopes you get more responses from DWI...
Should we hire a second lawyer? Or at least a consult
My boyfriend was on probation for his 4th Dui and had would have been done in May. However he was arrested for his 5th on December 5th. He has already sat a year prior to 2 years probation. His sentence was probation with 3 year sentence withheld. Also they are saying it is his 6th when his previous conviction was for his 4th. His lawyer is telling him to accept a deal of 3 in and 5 out. We need a second opinion. Asap
Only you can decide whether you hire a different attorney to handle the case. It's unprofessional and unethical for...
My boyfriend case he got stopped for a 2nd dui in Beloit Wisconsin , whats going to happen in his case?
hi my boyfriend got stopped for a 2nd dui in Beloit Wisconsin his court is tomorrow and we was wondering what will happen and do we need a lawyer for this ?
Your question is impossible to answer. Is this a 2nd offense within 10 years? Is tomorrow his first court date?...
Anything i can do to fight an armed while intoxicated charge?
Any lawyers in the area that specialize in that? I want ro be able to keep my gun and my conceal carry license.
You need to hire an attorney in WI who has defended people accused of handling a gun while intoxicated. My review of...
Does "falsifying display of plates" count as a legal stance of suspicion especially if the same officer has cited one before?
I owned a vehicle, and the title was a lost title, so I was unable to register it, because of this, I simply used my old plates from a previous vehicle I owned. I was cited multiple time for false display of plates by the same officer, I then proceeded to try and find the title through the auction that sold the vehicle. Weeks later I was pulled over for the display of plates again, forced to wait for a k9 unit, and slapped with an OWI/DUI 2nd. Would a false display of plates give an officer reasonable cause for suspicion, and would a lawyer be able to reopen this case based on the recent ruling of the Supreme Court that forcing one to wait for a k9 unit is a violation of the 4th amendment?
There was recent Supreme Court case law on this question, I believe. You would realistically need an attorney to help...
Dui in two different states 4 years apart. What to expect?
I recieved a dui in St Charles Missouri 4 years ago. I just recently. got a dui in Janesville Wisconsin. What should I expect? As in fines, suspension of licence and or jail time?
Jail time ranges between 5 days and 6 months. Your driver license could be suspended 12-18 months. You'll have to...