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Why did I get out of jail without bonding out and told at that time no charges filed but that could change?
Was stuck in a ditch when cop pulled up, keep in mind I could have gotten charged for the following: 1 tag belonging to another vehicle, 2 no insurance 3 DUI, 4 DUS at the least. Spent friday, Saturday, Sunday in jail -and wasn't even actually called at video court monday morning, but what I heard from the other side of the door was the judge told them they had no probable cause paperwork filed they had to let me out, they did and told me at that time they hadnt filed any charges yet, but keep in touch, might change, ((my family had called while I was in jail asking what my charges were and was told aggravated DUI , DUS , and s Apparently ?possession of prescription narcotic that wasnt mine.) Only paper I was gave was officers affidavit for revokation/disqualification of my license (already suspended)for 180 days.. Almost 30 days later I seen online I have a warrant for DUS and DUI can they do that when I had no court date at all.
You will need to ask your Criminal Defense attorney all these questions after they have reviewed all the facts and evidence.
How long does the state have to file probable cause affidavit and file charges for DUI ?
Was arrested spent 4/28 ,4/29 and 4/30 in jail. 5/1 was released with no charges yet filed.(probable cause paperwork wasnt filed) . Then apparently 5/26. A month later, a warrant was issued for DUI, & DUS.
Thee years is the statute of limitations for most crimes so they have three years.
How to get an extension on court ordered assessment when you are broke and can't afford to get it done before court heargd
Suppose to have mouth swab alchohol assessment restitution paid within a month and dui classes but I am very poor what can I say or do to give me more time
How much time has passed? What have you finished in that time? How much income goes to needs v. wants? Is your...
Anyway to get interlock off early in oklahoma
i had a dui back in 2003/2004 completed all the stuff then in jan 2012 i recieved a second dui and got hit with the erin swezey act. I have completed the year suspension with interlock with no fails or fail to blows on my machine. My question is this, Is there anyway I can get a hearing with dps and get the interlock req. removed or do I have to keep it for 4 more years?background: i have no criminal history and no dps history besides a ticket for no insurance and one for no seat belt all over 10 years ago
These IID requirements are very strict. Nothing is set in stone, but I would doubt that your home state DPS will...
I am in rehab the judge sent me to 5 yr probation 1 yr rehab can i get a 9 month review and try to go to halfway house?
You can have your attorney ask the judge to allow the sentence to be converted to 9 months in residential treatment...
Really worried about a man on probation and leaves state often deals drugs steals for many years ! Needs to be locked up
Reporting a crimal than steals deals drugs in Arkansas often is driving without DL and he's really bad on pain pills and his girl friend whom shoots ice and pills & he dangerous
Okay.... and do you have a question? Look, I don;t know who deputized you, making you responsible for ratting people...
Received a dui, child endangerment, and a cds charges in march and then received another dui and leaving the scene of accident
First three charges where in the month of march first time offender cds charge and the child endangerment are felonys and the other a misdemeanor then in the month of June I receieved another dui and leaving the scene of an accident causing damage both misdemeanors. I have an attorney, and have already taken the drug and alcohol assessments and currently in counseling and have enrolled in outpatient rehab already. What exactly am I looking at when I go to court in July ?
Your attorney is the best person to answer your question because he or she knows the case.