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DUI reduced
I was arrested for DUI and then it was pleaded to reckless driving. DUI was dropped. I did my background check from police site it disposition shows DUI Nolleporcessed and no mention of reckless conviction. So am I clear to say on a job application I have done not been convicted of any crime. GCIC also does not mention reckless conviction. In any case it was not a conviction but I pleaded gulity to reckless.
A conviction and guilty plea are synonymous. Nolle prossed means the charge was dismissed. But you were arrested for...
Fulton state dui court Georgia
Got dui in Atlanta had it bound over to Fulton state court haven't received a court date as of 8/5/15 it has been two years since arrested o. 8/2/13 what do I do ?
This could be a critical time and opportunity for you. So get your self lawyered up with a good DUI attorney.
I was originally pulled over for speeding BUT arrested for a dui. If the speeding is dropped would my dui be also? Read details
I was arrested a year ago for a dui I was 20 and my blood alcohol was .07. I'm turning 21 in a week still haven't received my official court date my lawyer has been pushing it further. I was told that theres a deal that I would have my speeding and also a minor in possession of alcohol dropped. Would that mean since my speeding charge is being dropped which was ORIGINALLY why I was pulled over that my dui could be also?
From the sounds of it, the prosecutor is willing to dismiss the ticket and the accompanying charge in exchange for a...
Arrested for a DUI 25 years after my first DUI. Will I have any repercussions from it now that I have another DUI?
I have not been in any trouble since. I am not sure if this will have any affect on this new case.
It could. Though the prior conviction does not have any implications on your driver's license or the mandatory...
A dui case was considered to be administratively closed and to have been cleared by the arrest of the offender.
the case was noted to be pending court and prosecution.
Do you have a question to go along with this fact pattern? I don't see a question posted?
I asked for a blood sample at blood draw for indep.test dui i never got one is that protocal and cop put blood kit into evidence
without marking the temp locker section in the report is that a violation of refrigeration of blood samples what avenues do i have for no blood sample to be indep.tested
You are entitled to an independent test if you request it. Not providing one upon request is grounds for making any...
Is there any way I can reopen a DUI case I plead guilty to?
I plead guilty to a DUI of 0.092 In July. Now immigration has me detained for it and isn't letting me go because I can't prove to be a good moral character even though I've had a clean record since 1994, when I arrived to the US. Is there any way that my wife can reopen my case and fight to take the DUI off or reduced?
At the time of you plea were you warned of potential negative immigration consequences?