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Can and should I plead first offender for aggravated battery?
I am 21 and in college. O have two DUI convictions and in DUI court for those convictions. I am in aa and been sober for 5 months. Prior to all this happening I got in a drunken fight in my hometown. A guy provoked me all night and eventually after we argued I was told to leave. After I left while waiting for my dd the guy followed me to the truck and continued to provoke me. We fought and i only hit him three times but he was hurt badly. I think several teeth and his nose was shattered. He was in ICU overnight but never in critical condition. This guy has a reputation of starting fights. There were seven witnesses four were my best friends and three were drunk bystanders that swear I just attacked him as he walked by. What should I do? Am I looking at jail time
First off, congratulations on being five months sober. It sounds like you are turning your life around and you should...
Can I fight this DUI charge or what can I do?
. I am 21, in GA. I was hanging with some new friends, because I had just moved to a different location, and didn't know my way around. I had about 2-3 sips or a beer, and maybe a few more sips of a mixed drink. I was driving my car. I had missed the turn, and needed to turn around. When I turned, a cop pulled me over and told me that it was an illegal U-turn. I was not aware since I was new to the area. The cop requested a field sobriety test. He then put me in hand cuffs, and said he was arresting me for DUI. There was no female present. I was taken to the police station, where he forced me to take breathalyzer, without my consent. It read- 0.051. Afterwards, the cop told me that I would receive a fee of $300. I was never "arrested" or charged. He told me I was getting a citation, and to appear for the court date. He stated that the court was for the illegal U-turn. He drove me to my friends house, and he let my friends drive my car to their house. I appeared for court and this is my first offense, other than a failure to yield in a car accident. I plead guilty, but I didn't know it was for the DUI. I have 280 days to pay $1200, 40 hrs CS, DUI school, and suspended license.
You need to hire a lawyer asap! It sounds like you entered a plea to DUI without benefit of counsel and and as such...
I was found guilty of DUI at 20 years old. I turn 21 in one month. Will I be eligible for a work permit when I turn 21?
I got arrested for DUI one year ago. My lawyer tried pushing the court date until I was 21, but it ended up being scheduled a month before I turned 21.
You need to talk with your attorney about this. We are not allowed to interfere with his representation or planning for...
If moving to another state how long before license suspension removed?
I have the opportunity to move from Georgia to California with an old friend. However, I am under a license suspension in my home state of GA and am required to maintain an ignition interlock device on my car for 12 months as well as attend clinical treatment for 3 (unnecessary, feel this is mainly extortion of my situation to get more money out of me.) These requirements are not court mandated, but rather imposed by the state DDS as conditions of license reinstatement. If I were to move to CA, how long would it be before these requirements became null and void and if I were to return to GA could then receive a license without having to fulfill these requirements? Also, would it be possible to get a license in CA as GA is not a member of the interstate compact?
You can consult a California attorney. But I do not believe CA will give you a driver's license until your GA issues...
How do I write an appeal to the court for a guilty DUI plea?
I'm trying to write a plea to the court of Hampton to appeal my guilty plea to a DUI less safe. I was unaware that I was being charged for the DUI until I was standing in front of the judge and the cop that pulled me over for an illegal U turn told me I was being charged for that and that the fine would only be 300$.. but in the moment of the judge asking me what I plead I was frozen and pled guilty to this DUI. I'm just trying to figure out what to not put in this letter for the judge to use against me.
This is not proper. You cannot simply write an "appeal" to the judge. Generally, all appeals are extremely difficult to...
How can i get a GA license fl says need to come there and take DUI school but i did already here and GA says they need letter fr
OK this is complicated i am not sure what to do I was convicted of my 3rd DUI 12 years ago i was living in Georgia but have never had a Georgia license was driving still on Florida license they gave me some jail time probation and fines and i had to do DUI school etc all here in Georgia. Meanwhile Florida suspended my license for 10 years from date of conviction Your driving privilege WAS SUSPENDED, REVOKED, CANCELED and/or DISQUALIFIED for the infractions listed on the previous page. DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE 4/13/2006 Revocation GA - EFFECTIVE The 10 year is up in a few weeks and my license is also expired now how can i get a GA license fl says need to come there and take DUI school but i did already here and GA says they need letter from florida im lost
If your Florida driver's license is suspended, then you will need to follow their procedures for reinstating that...
I don't know if I should hire an Attorney or not. Will my license be suspended? How do I know that I need an Attorney?
I was driving home from Ellijay around 1am, hit a curb and busted my tire. I turned off my car and got out to call a friend to come and pick me up when 2 cops pulled in behind me. One asked me do a Romberg Test and breathalyzer. I blew a .101. I was taken to jail and given another breathalyzer test then spent about 13 hours in jail. This is my first DUI and I have no clue on how to approach it.
License suspension is one of many potential consequences. You should absolutely hire a lawyer.