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Will I go to jail for first offence dui in ohio
First dui blew. 182
Maybe. A conviction for a first offense OVI in Ohio carries a mandatory minimum of three (3) days. You have the option...
Can I get charged for a weapons while intoxicated charge when I was not offered breathalyzer or fst?
was sitting on a river bank with lots of litter including beer cans and bottles, and police officer cited me for open container and weapons while intoxicated, also impounded my utility quad. other quads were around and theirs where not taken to police impound. I have a permit to carry concealed. the police officer never offered a breathalyzer nor offered a field sobriety test. he treated me like i was a criminal but i was fully legal. I live in pennsylvania
You need to consult your attorney about this. You can be convicted without a breathalyzer or a field sobriety test.
I got a dui in wv, while having a ohio license
Its been nine months ohio doesnt have the dui on there records yet , my license are suspened buy I have the interlock anf finishong up s&t with wv being that they gave me the als,even though it was dropped to a reckless in court. what should I expect from ohio and how long do they have before they do anything, is there anyway I can get out of their suspention , I feel like this is double jeopardy ! All I know is I can lose my license for six months , please help me !
I want to see if I can help clarify your situation so that you can get an answer to your question. Multi-state DUI...
2 duis & job application moral offense?
i filled out a job application that asked me if i had convictions for violent crimes, abuse of kids or elderly or moral offenses. i put no. now im wondering if i should have put yes? i live in ohi & am a nurse, i got the job, but i know the dui's will show on my fbi check. im not sure if that qualifies as a moral offense? i thought it was asking about prostitution and that kind of thing.
A DUI is not a moral offense. Even if your job comes back at you, of that I would doubt on the DUI issue, simply state...
Can officers see I have a(n) DUI/OVI by running my plates?
I live in Ohio and was recently charged with my first OVI, aka DUI, offense. I'm nearing the end of my six month license suspension and can drive restriction free in June. To get my license back all I have to do is pay a reinstatement fee and provide proof of insurance to the BMV. I know officers can run your plates whenever, wherever. My question, however, is can officers in Ohio see an OVI/DUI offense on my record just by running my plates? Or do they just see registration/insurance information? I'm slightly concerned with being "marked" and/or harassed and being pulled over unnecessarily because of my OVI.
By running plates, officers can see who the owner of the vehicle is. If the owner of the vehicle matches your...
What would happen if tried to apply for a restricted license before my other suspension started?
My license have already been suspended for almost a year now but I got pulled over recently so now I have another suspension and I know that I have to wait 30 days after the suspension starts to request driving privileges but what would happen if I requested them before the suspension started since I've already been under a suspension? Could I get them for like a week and then would they be took back???
If you mean that you would request occupational driving privileges from the court, this might be possible. However, if...
Is a job allowed to hire you before drug tests come back?
Recently got a job as a mechanic for a dealership, and was fired after a week because my drug test came back positive. I thought I passed because they full on hired me. I put in my 2 weeks at another job for this place and got completely screwed over. Shouldn't they be healed responsible? Yes, I was the one who failed the drug test, but they hired me (all legal paperwork filed and everything) before it came back (almost three weeks after I took it). Something doesn't seem right about that.
This is not a criminal matter. This question should be directed to a labor and employment lawyer on AVVO.