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My husband got arrested for having pain pills in the car? he went to court they had no record. later had a bench warrant??
my husband got arrested for pain pills, his parents got a bail bonds. released him. he had court about a month ago, he showed up and no paper work was shown. court signed it off, he went to the bail bond, got signed off too. cops showed up at 2 am with a bench warrant and they took him in. what can i do? the cop said he can see the judge on Monday morning?
Sounds like a paperwork mix up. A local lawyer might be able to straighten it out today but calling the prosecutor on...
Should I motion to suppress blood evidence be drawn up since I was given opiates prior to blood draw that showed non detected?
I was charged with a felony DUI after a MVA. The lab tested for amphetamine, benzodiazepines, cannabiniods, cocaine, opiates, and pcp. The results were amphetamines detected benzodiazepines detected. I was taken to the hospital and given opiates for pain for 4 hours prior to the police draw.
That's not a suppression issue. It may be a 402 issue, but not a traditional suppression motion. (based on facts given)...
Use of online certificate for court and DUI class to ask for early probation termination.
I have been on informal probation for over 2 years for first offender here in SB. I have paid the fines but have yet to start the classes. I have been given an opportunity to take a job abroad and need to get off probation. Will the court (I read not the DMV) accept an online certificate for substitute for the DUI class the DMV wants? I want to present the online certificate and ask for early termination of probation (not dismissal). Is this too alien to even ask? How much would an attorney charge and what paper work does she/he file so I can compare costs. Thanks.
Early termination of probation is highly unlikely if you have not completed the terms of probation. If completing the...
Is it news if a California appellate court misstates the essence of the California Supreme Court Watson-DUI decision?
Reading the unpublished case of People v. Rodriguez (Cal: Court of Appeal, 2nd Appellate Dist., 6th Div., No. B217573, Sept. 7, 2010) made my jaw drop. One paragraph began saying, "At least since 1981, when our Supreme Court affirmed a conviction of second degree murder arising out of a high speed, head-on automobile collision by a drunken driver that left two dead..." (citing People v. Watson, (1981) 637 P. 2d 279). The 1981 Watson-DUI opinion I read allowed second-degree murder charges to remain in an information and even said it may be tough to fight; IT DID NOT AFFIRM A CONVICTION nor did it approve blind presumptive inferences. Since that particular appellate court seems to have an propensity for inferring implied malice, it seems quite relevant that they mangled the Watson-DUI decision as if details weren't important. I have no criminal matter to defend, and I am not a journalist or lawyer. I wonder if I should be emailing media. While I don't know if the misstatement significantly affected the outcome of Rodriguez, it's frightening to me that an appellate court misstated precedent when making a decision that affected the liberty of a defendant. Am I confused?
Apparently you think so, or you wouldn't have posted it
Fiance blew under 0.08 What are the chances of fighting the dui? Or plea bargaining? His first offense.
Me fiance and I got pulled over on St Patrick's day for having expired tags, we had a couple of drinks so they made him take the breathalyzer test. He blew 0.09 so they ended up arresting him. They made him take a second one at the station it came out to 0.07. We are in the process of hiring a lawyer but also wanting to plea not guilty until we can find one.
The option to plea bargain will always be there, the only question is what kind of plea agreement will it be? I...
Will be able to reinstate my driver's license when I left the country for 4 years after DUI arrest?
2nd DUI conviction happened on 1/14/14 and won't be reinstated until 1/14/16 until I fulfill DUI requirements (SR-22, DUI class). However, around the time I got arrested, I had to leave the country for school. I won't come back to California until 4 years after. When I come back, will I be able to reinstate my license without having to do the DUI requirements?
You won't able to reinstate your driving privileges until you complete the 18-month second offender program and file an...
Today I want to court for a DUI back in 2010 and I never finished my community service and the judge wasn't happy she sentence m
I had a DUI back in 2010 I never took care of I did the class but I didn't have the prof at the time but I did do it just never finished the community service
I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. I would be happy to help you but I'm not sure what you are asking.......