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Getting license back after DUI
What is the average rate for getting license back after DUI? Haven't driven in 7 plus years as I don't have a lot of money. If I get my license back I can get my old job back.
If you are asking about attorney's fees, that question cannot be answered here. Lawyers and law firms set their own...
I have 2 DUI arrests on my record (IL). 1 conviction, 1 w/ court supervision. How can I go about mentioning this on a job app?
First DUI on October 30th, 2011 for which I received court supervision. Second one was on September 10th, 2012 for which I did get a conviction. How can I disclose this on a job application/interview and do I come clean with both arrests or just the 2nd which was a conviction? What would be the best way possible to do this?
Both the conviction and the arrest will show, so, you'd best be totally honest about it.
I got A DUI. Can i Expunge it?
i went to get my disposition it said NULL does that mean my case was dismissed?
Hard to say what that means, or what you are reading it from. If you did not have it expunged, it likely was not done...
Can my license be revoked for a reckless plea reduced from a DUI if my driving history is clear except for one other DUI
statutory sentencing minimums vs. secretary of state regulations and/or practices?
All consequences of a guilty plea , and any potential consequences, should be explained to you by your lawyer in...
My case DUI was dismissed , how remove from driving record
Is this possible
Most states allow for expunction for cases that are dismissed, which would result in the actual court file being...
Do out of state DUIs carry over?
So, my girlfriend was arrested yesterday afternoon for driving while under the influence in Rockford, IL. This is her 3rd DUI, but it is her first in the state of Illinois. She had gotten 2 DUIs almost back to back in Michigan about 2 years ago, but was able to walk away after 10 days in jail and without probation. To date, she owes the state about $6,000, and technically has a warrant out for her arrest in Michigan due to unpaid fines. I'm curious if the DUIs will carry over, because right now her bond is set at $300, and that seems awfully low for someone with her DUI history. Isn't a 3rd DUI supposed to be a felony, anyway? She had gotten into an argument with someone and fallen asleep in the car (which just so happened to be in the middle of a parking lot). Someone noticed her passed out in the car and called the police, who then knocked on her window and proceeded to question her. They got her with 5 charges: DUI ALCOHOL/INTOX COMPOUND/DRUG; POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA; POSSESS CANNABIS 2.5-10 GRAMS; DRVNG UNDR INFLU/BAC 0.08; TRANSP/CARRY ALC LIQ/DRIVER. I know she had a bunch of opened containers and cans in the car. What is likely to happen if she is not bonded out?
Convictions from other states carry over to other states. You know she needs to get a dui attorney, help her do that....
What can I do about court fines for a DUI?
Hello, in 2014 I received a DUI in Cook County, Illinois. I was sentenced to 2 years probation, 90 hours of Alcohol abuse treatment, 200 hours of community service, Impact panel session, revoked license, probation fees, required to pay re-instatement fees for my drivers license, and lastly $2,914.00 in Court fines, I have completed everything, except, paying my reinstatement fees for my Drivers license which I believe is $550.00, and the $2,914.00 in court fines. Probation fees, treatment, and community service have been taken care of, but with me being disabled and on a fixed income, of 871.00 a month has made it nearly impossible for me to save the money for the court fines. The most difficult part is the fact that I live 4 hours away in western Illinois away from Chicago. My probation will becoming to an end in December of this year 2016. I was told that I am to pay my fines in full at my last hearing in Cook County, less the reinstatement fees which will be sent to Springfield. I do not know what to do about the fines. I would like to know if there is some leniency when it comes to fines? Thank you for your time.
You should discuss all options with your lawyer rather than relying on this online forum. Hopefully you had a lawyer...