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Do I need to hire a Lawyer? And can I win this case?
I was arrested for DUI and the officer took me to the hospital to draw my blood. I told the officer I do not give him consent to take my blood. The officer then told me I do not have that right and he could strap me down or put me to sleep to get my blood. I do not feel that is that is right considering some people never wake up after being put to sleep. Then at my first court appearance the court could not find my records of even being in jail. They rescheduled my court date for 2 months later. Is there a chance of winning this,?
Yes you need a lawyer. In certain cases of DUI, the officer will get a warrant to draw blood for determining your...
I got convicted of DUI in Arkansas right around ten yrs. ago and now I have been charged with a DUI in Tennessee?
will this show up in court? Also the officer gave me a commercial vehicle DUI and this is false.
It will probably appear on your criminal history making it likely that this will be charged as a second offense,...
Can I get a Dui disposed without being present in court?
Got a dui, driving on suspended and refusal in 2011. I didn't show back up for trial. In 2013 I got indicted on charges. Now I am in federal prison in Alabama and need to get the dui charge disposed quickly to be able to go to the halfway house, that has already been processed. I am 6 months away from projected out date. Is it possible to get the dui case disposed without me having to go to court is it possible an attorney can show up in my absence?
No. You can get an attorney to get a transport order and ask the court/DA to run the sentence concurrently. This would...
I'm getting charged with a duo and I wasn't driving under the influence of anything
What can I do I can't go to jail loose my license because I have a wife that can't drive and I have a son that I have to take everywhere
You need to get an attorney. Thats really all you can do right now.
Do I have to file charges against someone that is drunk and crashes into me for assault or does the state handle it?
The other driver was arrested for DUI and there were only minor injuries.
The state handles it so you won't have to do anything to ensure he's prosecuted.
I have recently moved from MI to TN. I have a restricted license in Michigan. Can TN contact MI if i try for a full license?
I had my license reinstated in 2009 to a restricted license allowing me to drive between 6am and 7pm and to and from work. I want to know if Tennessee will be able to see that I have a restricted license when I apply for a full license.
Yes and they most likely will. If you lie, and they find out later, they can pull your license completely. Is there...
Yes i just got a first DUI but was not drunk at time of stop!
They stop me because he said my friend i went to pick up from the bar had threw a bottle out the window but that was not the case he did no such thing ! But anyway he stop me and ask if had been drinking i was not now i had been like 6 hours before that but had eat and took a nap !!!! Well he gave me 5 field test then said ok sir you seem ok but then put me in the car talked with my friend then came back gave me 3 more test to see if i was ok then said i was not that my eyes where jumping he gave no blood test or breath never read my rights nor did he ask to search my car but he search my car anyway before i was even in custody so is this legal for him to this and can i beat this?
Call a local attorney. Breath tests are always offered. Did he write you for a refusal? You need a lawyer in your area.