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Well I have to do jail time for a third DUI or is there a chance I can do the bracelet??
I just received my third DUI because I hit a tree.
There's a required 45 day jail minimum sentence for OWI 3rd in Wisconsin. If you're convicted there's no way around...
Drunk driving car accident ?
My friend was in a very horrible car accident with her boyfriend and brother. She broke both of her legs and fractured her pelvis and also has a very serious head injury. All three of them are saying they don't remember anything including who was driving(the girl was the passenger who broke her legs) and some of the things they've been saying don't add up. Her boyfriend is also on probation. Will they investigate to see who was driving?
I'd worry about finding enough insurance coverage for those injuries. Your friend needs to stop talking to people and...
What happens if DMV screwed up my sentence for interlock?
Sentenced 30 months interlock. Called DMV to check when I can uninstall and am told there is no order for it. I'm pretty sure they screwed up. What do I do? Go ahead and uninstall? Can they come back and say I need to reinstall it and have to pay installation fees all over again? If I try to be honest, how do I know exactly when I can get it removed?
You have a vested interest in making sure everyone gets this right. "Vested" in that you could go to jail if this gets...
Do I have a legal right to request a retest of a positive drug screen completed by CPS?
CPS has claimed that this test showed positive but in my counseling group nothing showed positive. I requested a retest, the caseworkers supervisor said in front of me to retest the screen. Three weeks later the caseworker told me they wont be retesting it and will submit it to the court as a positive drug screen. If I request a retest are they legally obligated to do it?
You need to consult with your attorney and decide if you need to file a motion with the judge to order a retesting.
I received 2 DUIS within 4 days. I had learned that my step father had cancer and a short time to live and snapped. I've never
My first DUI I was not pulled over. My cousin called me in and they came to my home. I did have my son in the car. He is 4.
You need to contact a criminal attorney right away. Do not post anything else about what happened on a public website.
First DUI/OWI, restrictions questions. Wisconsin
I got a DUI with a 6 month suspension. I have an occupational license. I got a few questions on what I can or cannot do. 1) Am I allowed to go to bank or other places to pay bills such as credit unions. 2) if I'm on my way home from work, can I go to places like mcdonalds drivethru or into places for food to go on my way home? 3) if I get a ride to a friend place, am I able to drink since I'm not driving or does having a dui make it where I'm not able to drink at all.
Where you can and cannot go is based upon the specific restrictions placed on your occupational license. Going to the...
Can I get work release on my 3rd dwi after my last one was 24 years ago?
I'm on my 3rd dwi but my 2nd one was in 93 and my 1st one was in 91 will I get any jail time with work release or can be put on house arrest cause I do have young kids at home that I take care of while my wife go to work and I picked them up from school every day?
This is not a civil rights question. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and there is certainly no right to drive...