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Is it possible for someone with a 3rd dui in a 10 year period to avoid prison time?????
if someone has gotten a 3rd dui in 10 years but has been clean and on a computer breath monitor for the last year with no violations is it possible to avoid jail time?
The potential to avoiding incarceration completely would appear slim, particularly if you were presently serving a...
Got a DUI while i was on probation, Do I plea not guilty?
If I plea not guilty can they say that I was drinking before they prove me guilty?
The government can't prove you were drinking alcohol illegally if you weren't and have witnesses, evidence for your...
I got a dui second and subsequent
The newspaper which runs public records daily printed as a driving under the influence of drugs. My work has already pulled me into human resources because of the drugs issue. They looked it up on the docket and sure enough its listed as a drug charge. No drugs were involved and I never have done drugs, its been very embarrassing and damaging to me. My work wants a retraction. I still have to go to court on the matter in about three weeks.
Hello there, You need to bring this to the attention of your attorney. It's unlikely that the paper is going to...
DUI, is this what I should be doing?
I received a DUI in Stonewall. It was my first offense, and is classified as a misdemeanor. (does that mean it doesn't stay on my record?) They told me it was a class 3B. So instead of taking DUI school, they have told me I must take 12 weeks of AA classes. Is that right? I didn't think you could substitute for DUI classes.
Who tpld you this? An attorney? A judge??
If arresting officer does not show up in court. It has to be dismissed. Correct?
All arrests by same officer. that was terminated because he watched me change clothes. will not dismiss charges! Fighting this for 3 yrs. I have a civil case out the a__. Need an attorney that wants to make a million or so.
Has your counsel pressed for a speedy trial or are there agreed continuances? As for your civil case, you indicate...
What are my punishments for this
I'm underage and me and my buddies were drinking at a party we decided to leave and my one friend started to drive and we got pulled over me and my one friend in the back were arrested I'm pretty sure with with minor in consumption or public intoximent I'm not sure, what are my punishments
Well, you are not punished yet, just arrested and probably charged, so best to get an attorney to see how to get the...
What kind of problems would I face if my DUI charges have not been filed yet? Am I able to travel to Mexico?
My dui charges have not been filed yet and I'm traveling to Mexico this weekend on a wedding trip I have to attend
If you have not been charged, you have not been charged. If you are gone for a spell and charges are filed, that might...