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2md dui in 13 years no tickets in this time blow a .2 refuse to take 2nd test at station
was in pick up has cdl lience
A refusal to testis a very serious offense. It is charged asa a gross misdemeanor and is punishable by up to one year...
Is there a hearing or court I can go to for my license without interlock I know there is something I can do please help
Follow up? Is there a hearing or court I can go to so I don't have the interlock installed
Yes, there is a process whereby you can challenge the cancellation of your license in court. There are strict timelines...
How do I get my license without interlock in mn
I how do I get around this interlock to get my license back in mn ive had 3 DUI in 9 yrs. I don't agree with being monitored even though I'm sober for 2 years I have not been monitored by approved device is there a hearing or something I can get
Usually not. It's a mandatory requirement. If you had three DWIs during a ten year period, then you will be required to...
Can I be found guilty of DUI if I blew a .06 at the station? Pulled over for improper turn.
Pulled over for improper turn. Blew .06 at station and still charged with DUI. Officer stated I put my foot down during one leg stand. Aside putting foot down twice I performed quite normally on the field sobriety test. Prosecutor offered Careless driving which I declined. Will any prosecutor pursue this to trial? ( or would judge even let it go to trial)? Thanks.
Yes it's possible. Even if you're under .08, the state can still try to prove that you were under the influence. Yes...
What will my dwi sentencing look like?
I was just arrested for a dwi, second degree. I was also charged with 5th degree controlled substance (is that a felony?). I already have the in home monitoring system rigged to go off every 12 hours, i will have this till at least my next court date in about a month. With no priors and a clean background, what would you think my final sentencing will be on my next court date. Is it possible they drop the substance charge? Am I facing more jail time?
Whether any charges get dismissed or what your possible sentencing might look like depends on a host of factors not the...
What happens with a second citation for driving alone with a learners permit?
I am 36 years old and have an international drivers license. I have a learners permit but have not done the behind the wheel test yet. I got stopped for a second time and cited for driving alone; what will happen? Can I still get a drivers license?
You may want to learn what is the maximum possible criminal penalty you face. Generally, criminal penalties may...
I executed my sentence for 1st dwi. Have time served so only have to do 34 days. What happens if i miss my turn in date?
Will i get a longer sentence? I wasnt givin enough time to get my affairs in order and need another month.
Assuming this is a misdemeanor, then the max you can get is 90 days. Do you have credit for 26 days served? Is it a...