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Is it possible to transfer from one countie's Sobriety Court to another?
A friend of mine is scheduled to Graduate from Sobriety Court Oct 10th. He was pulled over on a restricted license driving a vehicle without a Blow n Go. No alcohol involved. Because he was within weeks of Graduation he had made arrangements to live in another county. His arrangements with his current landlord were to be out by Oct 31st. His landlord has since that agreement sold this house. The new owners have agreed to him living there until Oct 31st. He also quit his job in the county he currently resides in and accepted a job with another company. His new employer has agreed to keep him employed if he can be transferred to a different county. They have agreed to provide transportation to and from work daily. The transfer would be from Ottawa County to Kent County. Thanks in advanced for your advice and opinions.
You should ask the particular sobriety court. There may be difficulties. Grant funded sobriety courts have a specific...
Can I get a driver's license in the state of Michigan if my driver's license is under DUI suspension in the state of Pennsylvan?
I'm under suspension in the state of Pennsylvania and I recently moved to Michigan and my job requires a driver's license can I get a driver's license in the state?
You will have to check with the Michigan DMV/state licensing agency to see if they have knowledge of the suspension....
Will DUI, or lesser charge driving while visually impaired or reckless driving conviction affect my current insurance licenses?
I have not been to court as of yet. This is my first offense. My attorney is fairly confident that the charge will be reduced to either driving while visually impaired or a reckless driving. I have never been in trouble in my life and I am 42. I hold licenses for home and auto in most states, including MI (my resident state), CA and FL which I understand are exceptionally strict. I am represented for the OWI charge so my question is directly related to my insurance licenses.
How a conviction for a drinking & driving related misdemeanor affects your professional licenses in other states will...
Can I get charged with DUI after being sent home?
I was involved in a crash where the other car fled the scene. At the time I was sober, late and chose not to call the cops since I believed this situation could be solved with my insurance company. At a later time, on the same day and after drinking, I needed road assistance since the car broke down. In order to get towed, they instructed me to get a police report, so I called the cops. The cops at the time were not able to produce a police report, I would have to contact the state police since the accident happened at another location. The county police did a breathalyzer test that pointed way above limit. The cop sent me home and told the road assistance staff to proceed with the tow, however, he instructed the towing company to only release the vehicle after I would be able to produce a police report. I'm about to get this done however I'm afraid that after/at the time I get the report done they will charge me with the DUI.
You should consult an attorney immediately. The factual statement leaves some unanswered questions. If the police can...
How I should approach a situation to get my license back from drinking and driving? What does my Lawyer need to know?
I've had 2 DUI's , 1st convicted 3/16/05 (12 yrs) and 2nd 4/7/07 (10 yrs) I had the interlock device installed Sept 2009, because of blowing dirty violations I receive a handful of 6 month extensions and eventually March 2014 they revoked my license again for too many violations. I've basically been without any license for 3 yrs now. Im ready to attempt to reinstate privileges, so here is what I would like advice on based on my history. I feel I have 2 options. #1. I have not had any alcohol related incidents involving legal in 3 years. I haven't been sober all 3 years but they don't know that. #2. My true sobriety date is 9 months, I've completed outpatient programs and have been sober since with no intention of going back to that life. My Concerns: If I go with option 2, they will know that I haven't been sober all 3 years and that I still had a drinking problem that I am attending counseling for however 7 months doesn't seem like enough to convince the hearing officer to give me another chance considering my history. If I go with #1, It shows that I haven't had any alcohol related incidents in 3 years but does it spike the question to why I waited 3 years?
I have no idea why you are on the internet asking lawyers who know nothing about you or your life or your cases what...
I was 10 minutes late on my sober link test and got called in for bond violation, freaking out.
I have never had a positive test in the 4 times per day i have to breathe in the soberlink device and also, I have passed every 5 panel test that is required of me. Today my lawyer called me and told me I have to appear for a bond violation hearing due to testing. After calling pre-trial and also house arrest services I found out that it was due to blowing late in my soberlink device by 10 minutes.
You've failed to ask a question, but you mention you have an attorney. That's who you should be speaking with.
If a driver's license is suspended in MI for child support, is that nationwide as well?
My son's father hasn't been involved for quite some time. He's 13 and his dad has been gone since he was about 1. He paid child support off and on over the years (mostly off), but has never had any contact with my son. I know there is a bench warrant for his arrest and he lives out of state. I have met a few people with a similar situation and they weren't sure either. I'm just curious if his license is suspended in MI, will it be in all other states too? His arrears is approx $14,000 (He is ordered to pay approx $140/month). My other question is, if he applies for jobs, will the bench warrant show up in a background check? The court has issued many warrants over the years, but his whereabouts are unknown as of today. I call and ask for updates, but he appears to be "off the grid," and has been for a few years. Thank you.
Yes, if his driver's license is suspended in Michigan that means he won't be allowed to legally drive in any state...