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I was approached by a cop while sitting in my car(keys out of ignition safely parked on a side street) , the police office said he smelled a strong odor of alcohol and asked me to perform roadside test's but I refused and instead was arrested and had my blood drawn. I went to my arraignment (didn't plea and charges not filed) and was told I would receive a letter if charges are filed by the da...I have checked with the county clerk and still no filed charges or loss of license(no dmv hearing) and i'm just wondering if it's normal to wait this long for formal charges? my attorney told me to just wait and i'm doing just that. Also no blood test results yet.
No it is not normal to wait this long for a DUI Accusation to be filed. The DA/Solicitor has 2 years to file an...
Just got charged last week for my first D.U.I and received the mandatory penalties. I got my license suspended for 1 year but was able to retain a restricted license. Believe it or not, I already did most of my D.U.I classes I had to do and paid all my fines. I heard that I can I can apply for my license reinstatement after 120 of my conviction. Is this true and would I need a lawyer to help me do this? Thank you.
At the end of the 120 days, as long as you have completed risk reduction (DUI school) you can go get reinstated. You...
I was convicted of my first DUI in 2010 in Cobb. I was convicted of my 2nd DUI in the City of Woodstock in Sept 2013. I had to surrender my license plate and drivers license. I am on probation until Sept 2014. I have completed my risk reduction program and evaluation. I have completed my community service and paid my fines. I contacted an interlock device provider and was told I had to have a tag on the vehicle before the device could be installed. The tag office won't issue it. DDS won't issue a limited driving permit to me without the device. Is there a step that I am missing? How am I supposed to get a limited permit? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
You should hire lawyer to help you out. Any free advice you find on AVVO is worthless mostly incorrect.
I got arrested yesterday for violating the rules of my restricted license. I work for an aircraft parts company and work Monday- Friday but I had to deliver at part to a hangar on Sunday and the cop didn't see it as work related so I was arrested. My court date is a month and a half away but I get my regular license back in a couple weeks. Do I have a good chance of getting this charge dropped if I show I got my license back?
If you can show some proof that you were driving to work you should be able to get that charge dropped.
I got a MUI st. Pattys weekend. I blew a .07 and I'm 20 years old. I was the one driving but I was driving someone home who was completely hammered. I past every sobriety test & got a ticket for a MUI. I have a clean record & this is my first offense. I also don't have enough money for a good lawyer though. I turn 21 in less than 2 months. I reallllyyy don't want to be put on probation
(You put MUI but I assume you received a DUI). Your options are to either get the help of the public defender OR find...
Will I get a copy of this warrant when arrested or will I get it in discovery?
If you are talking about an arrest warrant, most DUI arrests are based on a citation not a warrant, and if there was...
She has no money or a computer. Could anyone tell her the steps she needs to go about dealing with this ? Thank you ! I am her Friend in Woodstock, Georgia.
She needs to call and meet with several lawyers. The meetings are usually free.