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Do I still have to have an iid installed in my car?
After my 2nd DUI over 6 years ago my license was suspended for 5 years for not doing the alcohol classes. So I haven't had a license of any kind or had a vehicle at all. So my suspension is up and I am looking to get my license back. I know I have to do the classes but is the iid still required after serving out the whole suspension?
Your question was posted under the wrong category. To assist you, I am reclassifying it to the DUI category so that...
HHow can I find out if there's a statue of limitations on 2 d.u.i ?
Ordered to go to d.u.i school for 18 months and failed to do so
You've found out! The SOL has absolutely nothing to do with the DUI Class you never completed. Take the class.
Need Advice About DUI ?
Quick summary: I was on my way home from a sporting event when I bumped a curb and hit my head on the steering wheel. Car was towed I was taken to the ER and released 8 hours later. There was no paper work left at the hospital and no one informed me the police came, but i got a phone call 5 months after the incident that they had collected blood and were filing charges against me. I was drugged and unconcious for the most part. I got the police reports. They show an officer waited at the hospital for me to be revived and consent to giving them my blood. The accident happend at 2pm and the blood was drawn at 6:30 accoding to the report. Says my BAC was .014. Question: can a lawyer help in anyway with a case like this or should I just plead guilty?
an experienced dui specialist can help you tremendously. the issue of informed knowing voluntary consent is huge....
If my DUI hasn't been filed yet, will it show up on my background??
I got a DUI in August of this year and I want to apply to be a wheelchair agent at the airport. Will it show up on my background? I live in California. Will this affect my chances of being hired?
The arrest will likely show on your DMV and rap sheet. Good luck with getting the job.
Will I get charged with Felony DUI with injury if the accident was not my fault, but I was rearended?
My friends girlfriend had a passenger in her car when she entered the freeway and was rearended by a sober 18 year old driver. She was intoxicated and so was her passenger. However, the drunken passenger took off her seat belt and exited the vehicle while it as still spinning from the first impact. This caused her to break her ankle and receive other injuries.
I don’t see why you would get charged with dui if you weren’t driving. Your girlfriend should take this up with her PD....
Charged with second DUI while not inside/nor driving vehicle?
A friend and I left a party using a car not registered to me and I am in the passenger seat. I had admittedly been drinking. My friend, who I am unsure had been drinking nor not, hits something on the freeway and continues to drive until the wheel/brakes are highly damaged. We pull to the right lane by the freeway exit (somewhat blocking traffic). While he leaves the freeway to go look for help, I wait on the passenger side by the freeway to flag down a car. An Uber drives comes up about an hour or so later and waits with me while I use my remaining battery as well as his phone to call Highway Patrol and AAA towing. AAA and Highway Patrol arrive at the same time. Patrol proceeds to interrogate me and I told him that I did not drive the vehicle. He arrests me and takes me off the freeway where I proceed to breathalyze a 0.1. Some things to note, there is a major fallacy on the citation, stating that the "owner of vehicle" is "same as driver" which is not true. I do not own that vehicle nor was I driving it. Additionally, officer encouraged me to not take blood test and instead requested breathalyzer. I noted that I wake 4 different medications. How can I contest?
Sounds like you have a defensible case, the best way to fight this is to retain an attorney ASAP. This won’t go away...
Hiring the right lawyer for DUI ?
I just got a DUI in Los Angeles. I want to hire the best attorney I can to represent me in court, but what things are important to look for in obtaining the best attorney I can? Budget is not an issue. Thanks
You wanna be able to speak to the actual lawyer who's handling your case why games here experience level you want to...