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Is there a statue of limitations for dui in Mississippi?
In 2007 i was on my way to the hospital with a severe case of Plurasie. I was stopped by a police officer and he asked if I had been drinking. I said no. He then asked that i blow into their machine and i told him I couldn't because I could barely breathe from that plurasie. He arrested me and kept me in jail 3 days. I then went before a judge and pled not guilty. The judge said the officer did not have any evidence. He did not drop the charges but did release me. I then moved to Florida and had no problem getting a drivers license. Well I would like to get my Mississippi license back now. What should I do since it has been 10 years. Also i have had Tennessee license since then also with no problem.
No way an atty can answer this question. We'd have to review your record to see what's going on with your license.
What can I do about a dui other and a ms marijuana charge it was under a quarter ounce
I pulled over in a parking lot to Google directions to a pool tournament was not there a full two minutes when a unmarked car pulled up and bluelighted me. A officer Came to my truck asked me why I was asleep I look back a reply I'm not asleep do I look asleep I just got out of shower and was groom well . Then a dui unit pulls up . He starts shines light in eyes then he tells me to do the toe to heal walk . my knee was hurt and swoll twice size usually I showed him my brace . still he told me to do it then search truck found container with estimated 4 g of marijuana so I was charge. I did not smoke all day I just got it on way to tournament. So I off to police department they took me
You may have several defenses to this case. You should call criminal defense lawyers that practice in the jurisdiction...
Do I have any recourse after taking two 5 panel drug screens when one came back positive for cocaine and one came back negative
Loss my commercial drivers license as a result of the positive test....the drug screens was same day, same testing facility, approximately two hours apart.
If you have not already hired a lawyer to examine the case closely you need to do it right away. Once the attorney...
What do I do without my attorney at my felony DUI hearing at court
Well I hired a lawyer to defend me in my third dui arrest. I hired a lawyer to defend me because I wasn't drunk at the time of my arrest.So I plead not guilty at the hearing. Then a trial date was set for May.I have been followed & stopped by police every since my second dui. Anyways my lawyer asked for a New trial date on the day I was to appear.That same day the court had upgraded my case to a felony dui. They had me in the system as first dui all three Times.So I had to turn myself in then bond out. I have to go to court tomorrow. But my court date for my trial was changed to July.
You need to discuss matter with your attorney. This is a felony and requires constant attention and diligent effort by...
If an inmate is given 5years day for day is it possible for them to fall under House Bill 585
The young man was given 20 years with 15 suspended. Five day for day. Never been in any trouble ever . And also was proved that he has the mental capacity of a child . But was still given the maximum sentence.
Asker, not enough information but I sure hope you hire an attorney and this question should be given to him. but if...
For a 1st offense of DUI ( .08 is law - 0.11 blown) have you ever known charges to be dropped?
1st offense through a Road block & passed the initial tests at the site (walking line, following finger, stand on one leg, etc.), officer said you seem fine but since son told officer he had drank some, officer said he did have to be taken in for a test at the station (was told they're more accurate). Blew 0.11 Not sure if we should get attorney or use public defender. Never been through anything such as this in our family. Looking for advice.
Charges of all sorts are dropped for many different legal reasons. To get the best answers to this question, you will...
Is there a statue of limitations on traffic tickets, simple possession / dui's in Mississippi.
A friend received a notice from Mississippi to pay in full on the tickets form 27 yrs ago, or they would issue a warrant. He would like to know if they are any statue of limitations on those tickets? or is it because the state is going broke & this is their way to see who will pay on very old tickets?
Statute of limitations deals with how long the state has to charge you. With speeding tickets you're charged when you...