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  • State Police Trooper Dragged on the Southern State P...

    Thursday Feb 16 | via 

    On February 15, 2017 at approximately 3:00 p.m., a NYS Trooper conducted a vehicle and traffic stop on a 2012 Honda Accord located on the Southern State Parkway. Hempstead, NY - February 15, 2017 - On February 15, 2017 at approximately 3:00 p.m., a New York State Trooper conducted a vehicle and traffic stop on a 2012 Honda Accord located on the Southern State Parkway, eastbound, west of exit 19, in the Town of Hempstead , Nassau County.


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  • Ex-Con Former Employee Suspected in Murder of Loan O...

    Friday Jan 27 | via 

    Investigators believe a former employee murdered two loan office workers in Dongan Hills Tuesday after he was spotted crossing the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge shortly afterward in a car that matched one seen fleeing the scene, officials said. Ricky Dennis, who worked for Universal Merchant Funding until he left under "acrimonious circumstances," is suspected of fatally shooting Michael Genovese, 57, and Carl Clark, 52, in the business about 6:14 p.m. Tuesday, according to Robert Capers, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York .


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Do I need an interlock device if I completed probation?
I was convicted of an Aggravated DWI in 2013 (I live in NY). I completed three years of probation in May, and I am about to apply for my license. From what I'm gathering online is that probation monitors the interlock device, but what happens if I'm not on probation anymore? Am I still required to get it? I completed all the court requirements, I just never got my license back.
it depends on the conditions of your plea or sentence after trial and any additional conditions that DMV may impose...
Ny state statute of limitations on dui for non residents with no arraignment?
Nj man charged in Catskill's ny with dwi and aggravated dwi released and never heard back from court never arraigned on charges is there a statute of limitations
Was he given a Desk Appearance Ticket or summons to appear in court? Did he give his correct address? How long ago was this?
Failure to appear for an arraignment on a misdemeanor DUI in New York will I be extradited from New Jersey to New York
Never went back to New York for arraignment from a DUI charged with a misdemeanor will they extradite me on my warrant I live in New Jersey
It is possible. Extradition is rare for a misdemeanor but it could happen given that New Jersey is so close. Even if...
Should I provide information to police located in another country?
I received a message on the website from a police officer in Amsterdam, asking me about my host there. I stayed with this host for a weekend in summer 2014 and did partake in some alcohol and drug use there - however, nothing adverse or even criminal, really, occurred. They contacted me through Couchsurfing regarding a drug case involving my host. While the officer assured me that I can speak freely about any drug use, I'm primarily hesitant about contacting them for this reason. Nor do I want to be implicated in whatever my host was doing. But as Amsterdam is located in a whole other country, I wonder if I am even obligated to talk to the police there in any capacity.
Do not talk to anyone until you speak with an Attorney...
Can you appeal a decision made by the DMV in regards to the kind of license they allow you to apply for after a suspension?
My friend has had 3 DWIs within the past 25 years and has served his time on probation for all offenses and had his license suspended each time. His last suspension and probation lasted 5 years and then he had to wait 1 more year for his relicensing application to be approved. He never had any violations on probation, he has been sober for 6 years and currently has graduated from a program to become a substance abuse counselor. He has completely turned his life around. The DMV is allowing him to apply for a conditional license with an interlock ignition for 5 years. This will limit where he can drive (to work, doctor, dmv) and the interlock will have a monthly fee. We understand it is the law now if the offense was after 8/2010, but 5 years seems excessive after 5 years of probation.
DMV has broad discretion in imposing license suspensions. It is possible to challenge DMV's initial determination, but...
Can I judge sentence you two times for the same charge?
When I was 16 I was put on felony probation. When I was 18 I got a Dwi, the judge gave me 3 years mistominor probation to run concurrent with my 5 years felony. I violated that and the county judge sentenced me to 1-3 years with shock. When I came home and tried to get my license on DMV's records it says I have 2 DWI's and I owe a driver assessment fee of 750. I got a letter in the mail stating that I have to get a breathalyzer in my car for a year.. Can the judge do that? I already did the 6 months with the breathalyzer when I first got my Dwi. Any info would help
There are a lot of moving parts in your question(s) that would make it difficult for an attorney on this forum to...
I had a dui in NC back in 2007. Circumstances, both medical and homelessness, forced a move to NY. How do i remedy this?
I don't drink, ever? I have a seizure disorder and a severe ptsd disorder that both cause blackouts and actions unintended. I initially plead guilty thinking I could explain to the judge the circumstances, as I had no recollection of drinking or otherwise. One minute I am in my house recoveringfrom neck surgery, the next memory is awakening in the ER handcuffed to the bed. So, by my own ignorance of court process I now had a misdemeanor and about to be put into the NC probation system. Initially, I hired a lawyer to contest it and he saw a good case since I had no prior record and documented history of dissociative behavior making it basically "not guilty by reason of mental defect" or something to that effect. Housing and medical issues forced a move to ny. My intention was to go back for the court date and fix this. Disability and money made it impossible to return to NC for court dates. I figure I might have probation violations, bench warrants or more. Can I be extradited? How do i fix this? Havent driven since
You need to repost this in a NC forum. Or better yet, you need to contact the attorney you say you hired. This isn't...