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I had a dui in NC back in 2007. Circumstances, both medical and homelessness, forced a move to NY. How do i remedy this?
I don't drink, ever? I have a seizure disorder and a severe ptsd disorder that both cause blackouts and actions unintended. I initially plead guilty thinking I could explain to the judge the circumstances, as I had no recollection of drinking or otherwise. One minute I am in my house recoveringfrom neck surgery, the next memory is awakening in the ER handcuffed to the bed. So, by my own ignorance of court process I now had a misdemeanor and about to be put into the NC probation system. Initially, I hired a lawyer to contest it and he saw a good case since I had no prior record and documented history of dissociative behavior making it basically "not guilty by reason of mental defect" or something to that effect. Housing and medical issues forced a move to ny. My intention was to go back for the court date and fix this. Disability and money made it impossible to return to NC for court dates. I figure I might have probation violations, bench warrants or more. Can I be extradited? How do i fix this? Havent driven since
You need to repost this in a NC forum. Or better yet, you need to contact the attorney you say you hired. This isn't...
Is an interlock required on a dwai that has been lowered from a dwi?
Received a dwi and dwai
No, an ignition interlock is not required for a DWAI violation (VTL 1192.1) conviction.
Can aggravated DWI ever be reduced to DWAI in NY State?
Circumstances: officer followed me for speeding, then pulled me over when I briefly inched over the double yellow, approx 3:05 AM. I was no longer in a low speed zone when he pulled me over. I am on Adderall, and did not believe myself to be intoxicated, otherwise I would not have chosen to drive. At the station, the officer mentioned that he appreciated how respectful I was, and noted to the officer administering the breathalyzer that I was very remorseful. They claimed verbally that I blew a .20, but wrote on the paperwork that it was .12. They made this "mistake" twice. Told me if I show up to court I should be "fine." I've read conflicting information about whether I could get a plea bargain to DWAI in NY State. I have an otherwise clean record, excellent educational background, etc.
Can it? Yes of course. Will it? Unlikely. In some places absolutely not absent extraordinary circumstances. You've...
What are my odds of getting my DWI charge reduced or dismissed in NY?
I was pulled over for speeding, and inching over the solid line. Conditions were very dark and rainy. This was early morning hours, and I was also tired. I did not pass the field sobriety tests, though I personally believe I should have; being very nervous affected my performance. I'm charged with DWI and aggravated DWI, as the officer claimed I blew a .20, however, the paperwork lists my BAC as .12 in both fields where that information is required. I did not believe I was impaired (wouldn't have driven if I did), but I am on Adderall, which can make it difficult to know sometimes. The officer and I got along quite well. I have an otherwise spotless record, and am known to be an accomplished and respectful young man. I'm seeking counsel. What are my chances?
I suggest that you review VTL 1192(10) which can be found at:
I was arrested for a DWI in 2014 in Kingston, NY. The arresting officer said my breath test showed 2.0 on the side of the road.
I was arrested for a DWi in 2014 in Kingston, NY. The arresting officer said my breath test showed 2.0 on the side of the road. He kept me on the side of the road for 63 minutes doing sobriety tests then decided to arrest me. They "lost" my breath test for 3 months and then they reappeared and want to sentence me to 9 months in county jail. Too many factors seem wrong. The arresting officer also spent his whole shift checking my background out and submitted it to the judge at my first appearance. Not the DA or lawyer, the arresting officer. I am from out of state and having a hard time understanding all the legalities. Any advice? in Ulster County, NY
If your case is ongoing, you have an attorney? Was your breath test .20 or .02? I'm not sure what you mean by it was...
I am on a conditional discharge for felony dwi. I recently got pulled over and received a AUO2. But no, no interlock ticket.
I was off the COD in 3 months. Also I moved to Ct and the DWI was in Ny. My wife didn't have an interlock installed in the car because I didn't drive and we where no longer living in Ny. Its been 45 days Since the stop DWI probation sent a letter to the court of my new arrest. I haven't heard anything from the courts. Will they violate me and how long do they have. And can they violate me for no Interlock when I never received a ticket for one.
Did this happen in CT or NY? If it happened in NY, then yes you can be violated and given a new charge of driving...
What does the legal abbreviation AI stand for?
Within a Dwi case I was told an AI was feasible. What does it stand for?
It means Ability Impaired. If you're charged with DWI, a misdemeanor, and the case is one in which the prosecution...