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I am on a conditional discharge for felony dwi. I recently got pulled over and received a AUO2. But no, no interlock ticket.
I was off the COD in 3 months. Also I moved to Ct and the DWI was in Ny. My wife didn't have an interlock installed in the car because I didn't drive and we where no longer living in Ny. Its been 45 days Since the stop DWI probation sent a letter to the court of my new arrest. I haven't heard anything from the courts. Will they violate me and how long do they have. And can they violate me for no Interlock when I never received a ticket for one.
Did this happen in CT or NY? If it happened in NY, then yes you can be violated and given a new charge of driving...
What does the legal abbreviation AI stand for?
Within a Dwi case I was told an AI was feasible. What does it stand for?
It means Ability Impaired. If you're charged with DWI, a misdemeanor, and the case is one in which the prosecution...
How do I get a location changed on my Hardship License? I'm switching to a different branch but it's the same employer.
How do I get a location changed on my Hardship License? I'm switching to a different branch but it's the same employer.
Contact the attorney that helped you with getting your hardship. If not, call the court and see what they will need...
When can I get my license back?
Hello, I got a DWI in January 2014. It is now September 14 and my court case is still pending but my license has been suspended for 6 months. How and can I get my license back? My license is completely clean besides the DWI.
If your case is still pending then you have been suspended under the prompt suspension law. It appears that the judge...
How do the new 25 year look back regulations affect me if i was all ready in the process of finishing my revocation period ?
dwi refusal violation date 10/14/2011, ddp program completed , have conditional license (expires in year 2021), completed 6 months interlock on car, completed rehab program, paid civil fines, completed all requirements, was told i could reapply for license in november 2011 with payment of civil fine. history: prior dwai refusal 7/14/2000, prior dwi 2/16/1989. DMV APPLICATION MAILED 11/13/12, 5/6/13 denial letter rec'd, 6/10/13 appeal mailed, 7/22/13 rec'd letter stating appeal rec'd,10/5/13 rec'd letter stating appeal denied. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE I STAND OR WHAT TO DO NEXT????
I provided a link below to the 25 year look back rule. I suggest you have an experienced vehicle and traffic lawyer...
Plea bargain for a first time DWI blew a .14 and got other tickets???
I got a DWI in Ulster County. I blew a .14 and also got other tickets that night. I don't know if a plea bargain is an option for me. I am willing to do anything as far as treatment, probation or classes. Getting my DWI reduced to a DWAI would be ideal. Is there any way?
You will maximize your chances at getting the charge reduced to a DWAI (VTL 1192(1)) if you have an experienced DWI...
I am trying to find an attorney who understands how the NDR works.
The state of Georgia has me on the NDR. I cannot get a straight answer out of them about what I have to do to get off. They say one thing, NYS says another and it goes on and on - over 2 years now. Is there a legal solution ?
Were you convicted of DUI in Georgia? Was your license suspended for 120 days? Do you have a Certificate of Completion...