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What would be a good legal basis for filing a Habeus Corpus for a DUI VOP with a new charge in a neighboring county?
Defendant is on probation for a DUI in Delaware County PA and has a new charge in Montgomery County PA which resulted in a warrant from Delaware County for VOP of previous DUI. The new charge is a DUI. Defendant wants to file a Habeus Corpus in an attempted to be released to get his affairs in order and prepare for new charge trial. What is the best way to approach the filing the Habeus Corpus? Defendant has been detained by Delaware County and after a weeks time detained was still not seen by a caseworker which means he was not able to request a public defender until about 8 days into being detained. No one has communicated with the defendant. He has no idea what is going on with his violation either. He was detained in a non dui cell block for 10 days ( a violent offender section) and was just moved to the dui unit 11 days after arriving to George Hill Prison. He still has not met his PD and has not been informed about anything regarding VOP. What would be his best chances at requesting relief in his Habeus Corpus? It will be a pro se filing for the defendant.
I do not know the answer, I'm just writing to say that this is absolutely horrible and speaks of what is wrong with our...
A friend got a dui in montco pa but violated probation in Delco. If I bond him he'll go to delco. Will it help expedite things?
a friend for a dui in montco and has a hearing on the 14th. He violated probation in delco and they would not release him to me based on that. If I bond him to delco will he get a violation hearing quicker? I'm not sure what to do. I was advices by an officer to not bother. Please explain this kind of situation better to me.
I'm not in your state. A probation violation based on a new crime likely just sits around waiting for the new case...
I was pulled over and taken to the hospital for suspicion of a DUI how long does it take for it to come back
Pulled over took a field test. Then got taken to the hospital for blood to be drawn then they dropped me back off at home
Because they want to charge the summaries as well, they nearly always charge within 30 days. Did they have a warrant...
If I was arrested before the interlock law was enacted for 2nd offenses, can I be forced to put one on my auto?
I was arrested in February of 2003 for a 2nd DUI and plead guilty in October of the same year. I completed all requirements of probation and I'm finally want to reapply for my license but was told I need the ignition interlock. When I was arrested the law was that only the judge could order the interlock, whereas now it is mandatory for second offenses. I am curious if I have a case in appealing PennDot's decision?
This is an interesting question that may require a bit of investigation. However, at first blush, I believe that Pendot...
Does an ARD form need to be submitted by a lawyer or can the defendent submit the forms himself? I live in PA.
Been charged with a DUI for marijuana possession. Small amount of marijuana found in my blood test. (1 nannogram) Waived my prelim hearing. Arraignment schedule in a couple of weeks. I went for my CRN a couple days ago. I was told by the person there that I'm going to lose my license for 60 days (is this true?). I already submitted my ARD forms but do I need to have them submitted by a lawyer or was it ok for me to submit them myself? This all happened in PA, Montgomery County.
It is not too late to get a lawyer but if you are accepted into an ARD program in Montgomery County, it is possible to...
Parole violation and dui
I am on Pennsylvania state parole and have been home for eight years. My original charge was for a homicide in Philadelphia. My parole is not supposed to be up till 2015. I was just arrested for driving under the influence. I had a bac of .163. Does anyone know what kind of penalties I'm looking at for the DUI. And more importantly does anyone have any idea how much time the parole board is likely to give me for the violation. I know they can take my street time and extend my parole. Is it likely they will make me max out my original sentence? Please help!
You need to immediately see an attorney in PA. Being an attorney in NC, I can't tell you what penalties you face for...
Would my father be able to attend his mom’s funeral in another country?
My father had a DUI and was on probation. He violated his probation by driving to work himself as no one was able to give him a ride. His license was suspended for another year. His probation is closed. Would he be able to go out of the country to attend his mom’s funeral?
As long as your father is not on probation, there should be no reason why he cannot leave the country to attend his...