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  • Canton police arrest two suspects in New Year's Eve ...

    Tuesday Jan 9 | via Boston.com 

    The Canton Police Department have made two arrests in a violent New Year's Eve armed home invasion, police officials said. David K. Lynch, 19, of Abington surrendered himself to police on Monday and was charged with conspiracy to violate the Controlled Substance Act, possession with the intent to distribute Class D substances, assault with a dangerous weapon, illegal possession of ammunition, and discharging a firearm within a dwelling, police said.


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Abington Law

Hi; I have a dui in FL, Fl hardship, license, 6 mo probation until I can get full license back.
One of the requirements is to submit a Blood Alcohol Test, NO ALCOHOL, NO Drugs test and mail it to them. Where can I have this done?
Look for private walk in clinics for assistance here. Specifically the ones that offer pre-employment and employment...
Someone hit a tree in our yard last night and appeared drunk, but wasn't charged...can I sue him? Or go thru insurance?
Early this morning at approx. 1 AM, a man slammed his vehicle head-on into a Maple tree that sits at the edge of our driveway on our property. Had the tree not been there, he would have driven into our home. He was completely uninjured but his car was totaled. He smelled of alcohol and appeared to the untrained eye to be very drunk. He proclaimed his sobriety several times when we never questioned it. He claimed he swerved to hit a deer, but there are no indications on the street that he swerved at all. He refused to call the police, so we did. They came and didn't even administer a field sobriety test. They let him go to the custody of his sister. I am FURIOUS. Can we sue him for damages and emotional stress? Can we sue him for being drunk? Or do we have to go thru insurance?
You can't sue him for emotional stress. You can sue him for property damage but they're really isn't any point because...
Expunged record of a not guilty OUI
Defendant was arrested on an OUI, refused the breathalyzer and the arresting officer said the driver did not pass the sobriety test . The defendants lawyer requested a hearing with a judge , instead of a trial by jury. The entire case was heard and the judge ruled in favor of the defendant NOT GUILTY . Is it the defendants right that this case be expunged including the initial arrest ?
There is essentially no expungement of records in MA. The friend is incorrect. A not guilty finding after a trial is...
How can I articulate that my career is at risk and my rights were not factored into my arrest ?
I had left a party and probably a mile down the road I pulled over in the brake down lane to get the gps on my phone situated to get to my final destination . A few minutes later a state trooper came behind me . Looked into my car and told me to get out . I asked him for what . He stated I had a bottle of alcohol on the back floor of my car , he then said If I was drinking , after he already asked me to get out of my vehicle , I replied I had 2 beers at my friends baby shower , he asked me to turn around and he was placing me under arrest . After getting thrown in the truck , at the station he was finger printing me and said I was resisting arrest . I told him how and the cameras will prove other wise . After finger printing he asked me to take the breathalyzer , I refused because I was already placed under arrest . I was thrown in the cell were my bond was $40.00 and my car was towed .
The best way to address any issues with the stop, having you get out of the car, and the arrest is to find and retain a...
How will this help my case.
A vehicle hit a guardrail the driver of the vehicle then headed down the road on foot in hopes of finding a tow shop or gas station of some sort in that time cop showed up in arrested me for DUI now he's willing to come forward how will that help my case
There isn't enough information here to answer. If you are suggesting the true driver of the vehicle can testify that he...
Arrested for third dui but offered second dui before trial. i took the second plea, rmv sent me letter 8year suspension?
i would not have take plea had i know the rmv would charge me for third, i would have gone to trial,i had little evidence and cop was fired not related to me arrest.
Do you have a question? Have you discussed this with your criminal defense attorney?
Hardship License Under 21 OUI?
I am 19 and am being charged with OUI. I refused the breath test. If I decide to plea my case, can I get a hardship license? I read somewhere that my license will be suspended for 3 years. My public defender did not know the answer which worries me.
Yes, if you resolve your case and enter into the 24D Program, you will be eligible to apply for a hardship license. If...