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Is it better to get an administrative hearing after first offense dui. or take the 30 day suspension after the pink paper is dn.
first offense .099 BAC
I am not licensed to practice in Kansas, so out of respect for any experienced criminal defense attorney from Kansas,...
DUI In Kansas
I got arrested on 7-3. The date served on my DC-27 copy it shows a date of 7-4. Today I called the Department of Revenue ( Administrative hearing) and they said that they haven't received the DC-27 from the officer yet. Its being 21 days since my arrest. I read on my copy that the officer needs to turn in the DC-27 within 7 days. Can I get this dismissed since he has not done anything??? I did requested my hearing in time though!
No. If the officer turns the paperwork in late the suspension process will commence. Did you request a hearing on...
I got a DUI in Kansas
Does the officer that arrested me have a time limit to turn in a complete notice of suspension or revocation form and any driver license taken into possession, with a sworn report to the DMV? I got arrested 7-3-2016 today is 7-18-16. I have called the administrative hearing regarding my request for a hearing. And they told me they have received my request but they said that the officer has not sent anything on behalf my DUI. So they pretty much don't have nothing on my DL. My 30 day paper will expired in 2 weeks. So does the officer have a time limit to turn that in?
These matters are mandated by state law so you should talk to a Kansas lawyer who handles criminal matters this...
I got a DUI
I'm in Kansas. My arrest was July 3. Today is July 14. Well 2 days after my arrest for DUI the officer that arrested me got in a accident and killed a lady. I believe it was he's fault and I think he is on administrative leave right now. So I requested my hearing to the administrative hearing in Topeka. I send in my $50 and asking for the officer to be in my hearing. Well I called the administrative Hearing and they keep telling me they don't have nothing on my DL that nothing is being turn in. I called the court and they said that no report has being made either. I only have 30 days before my DL gets suspended.
What is your question? If it is about the hearing, make sure you get verification that you actually tried to schedule...
DUI in Kansas
I got a DUI July 4th and I have court August 5th. I being trying to get the police report but the officer has not done yet because he's on administrative leave. I guess he was involve in a accident where he killed someone. What can I do if he don't show or does a police report on me. Can they dismiss the case or charge me with a less charge like reckless driving??
First, get a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, request the court to appoint a lawyer. You need to prepare to...
I am on a first time DUI probation. Told to stay alcohol free. I am just curious if my random uas are also EtG tested?
First time DUI probation for Leawood, KS. I am subject to random UAs and was told I have to remain alcohol free. I am just curious if my random urine samples are EtG tested as well as tested for illegal drugs. I have to take breathalyzer before I give my urine sample.
They probably are. The only safe thing to do is to stop drinking and doing drugs.
What kind of punishment am I looking at for a probation violation on a 2nd DUI
I was placed on Probation for my my second DUI , My license is suspended but I was still driving to and from work. on my way home from work, I was in a single car accident. I received a ticket for a driving on suspended, inattentive driving, and failure to provide insurance. I am assuming this is a violation because it was contact with the police. can you give me some insight on what kind of sentence I would be looking at for the probation violation?
Generally, the "kind" of punishment and the kind of sentence is jail. You are once again facing the maximum that could...