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If an undocumented person gets arrested for drunk driving and is married to a U.S citizen, can deportation be avoided?
The person has been arrested before for the same reason, but was released because the jail was full.
I would direct your question to a qualified Immigration Law attorney. The undocumented individual who has TWICE been...
1st offense DWLS 3rd degree Washington state .
Is there anything I can do to prevent jail time? I'm a full time college student with 3 children. I don't have the money to get my license back right away.
You should hire an attorney. Although it is apparently quite rare for a court to sentence anybody to jail time for a...
Does a minor dui count towards an adult dui
i recived a minor dui 6 months ago and last night recived a dui.
Hey minor DUI is not a prior offense for the purposes of DUI sentencing. However, that just affects the mandatory...
Need advice
I was arrested for dui and my bac was .180 I have no defense, so my public defender has given me my options But I am not sure what the best route would be. If I plead guilty the prosecutor has agreed to the minimum. My I Other option is to go deferred. I am not clear what is in my best interest. I am a single mother on a very fixed income. I know I screwed up, it was a one time mistake that I do not plan to ever make again. I appreciate any advice you can give.
It's always hard in this forum to answer questions blindly. I understand that your public defender is indicated that...
Dui probation time limits
i recieved a dui 5 years ago and got another one what is the time line witch they can revoke
I believe you want to know what will happen because you received a second DWI while you were on probation already. If...
How long does the Stae patrol have to issue a ticket or citation for a DUI.
I was pulled over about 20 miles from my home. He asked me to step out of my vehicl. He began giving me the field sobriety test. I have a messed up back, shoulder and my r. hip and groin area are bad. I told him I could not do the stand on one foot thing nor could I do the heal to toe test. So he gave me the close your eyes and touch your nose test and the light in your eye test. He then placed me under arrest. Never read me my rights, never buckled me in. He drove me 40 miles to a fire station. There they read me my rights and tried to take my blood. I never recieved a ticket or a citation. It has been just over a month. I was wanting some feed back. Thank you Jay
They may send you a letter or notification to appear in court in the next few months or so or if your blood did not...
I got a DUI this weekend and have court on Monday and I cant get a hold of any DUI attorneys, do I just wait until one calls
I got a DUI this weekend and have court on Monday and I cant get a hold of any DUI attorneys, do I just wait until one calls me back on Monday? What if they're busy with other cases?
It is best to attempt to get a hold of another DUI attorney. It is better to be proactive. I will be in my office for...