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Can probable cause be used if there is a person in the car is known for drugs?
I have a friend that was a passenger and got pulled over. Apparently the headlight was out. Anyways they called in K-9 unit because one of the people was known and the officer claimed that it was probable cause to call K-9 because they know him.
While it is possible, that sounds iffy to me. It would depend upon what precisely the officer knew. Also, the officer...
I took a breathalyzer and blew a .086 it took 2 1/2 hours to draw blood. And I quit drinking 30 min to 45 min before drive
Will blood test be lower since I felt like I never drank before they drew blood
You need to contact an attorney specializing in DUI. Don't spend your time trying to figure out what will happen....
Can I visit Philippines if i have DUI?
I have DUI but i want to travel Philippines. Am i allowed? Im from South Dakota
Whether you can travel to the Philippines may depend on the laws of the Philippines. Here is a prior answer on Avvo...
First DUI can I go into the bar now?
Court Dec. 12th and on probation for 1 year unsurpervised , if this is followed. #3 says Refrain from drinking alcohol for 90 days, and do not enter any places that sell alcohol?
Lets see....last time I checked...bars sell alcohol. What do you think?
I am wondering about using my suspended imposition on a second DUI charge. Do I need a lawyer in order to use the SIS?
Can I use a court appointed attorney?
As you indicate you are facing your second DUI charge, at the very least I advise you to speak with an a duly admitted...
Can i get charged for a dui if vehicle was not running nor were there any keys in the vehicle to operate it in any way
would be a 2nd dui
Insufficient facts for me to offer an opinion. Additionally, I am not licensed in SD and would have to defer to the...
My girlfriend has been binge drinking and was found drunk under the care of my son
FRIDAY i got a call saying my girlfriend was verry drunk like could not lift her head and was susposed to be taking care of my 18 month old son south dakota has some stupid unmarried law stating that the mother will get custody of the child i am trying to not let that happin i want custody of my son what can i do to get custody
Contact a local attorney ASAP