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Can I go to jail for driving while being on suboxine my Dr said see how the meds effect u before driving
I was pulled over yesterday the cop said I was fluctuating my speed so he pulled me over then he said something g about my pupils so I told him I was prescribed suboxine he made me do sobriety test which I failed but I have diabetes and a bad leg then they made me blow in a machine to test for alcohol I passed he then ask me to go. To. The state police barracks to blow again so I did and passed but I have never been able to walk a straight line sober or not my doctor told me to see how the soboxine effects me before I drive never told me I couldn't I have been on suboxine for 4 years and never have had a problem like this plus I hadn't eaten anything nkr took my insulin could this have effected my ability to walk straight how can they do this to me when I'm prescribed suboxine
You can be charged with driving under the influence of drugs even if it is prescription medication. If you have been...
Can i still receive my license if its been suspended and revoked and how long do you think it could take
I do not have a drivers license but have been pulled over several times and first 2 times they suspended my license and after ive got caught again they revoked them..now im done driving and think its time to get my license
Go a full service MVA and ask them when you are eligible for a new license. When you are eligible, apply to get your...
DUI -I was charged with driving while impaired 21-902 (b) in Maryland.
I was also given notice of enhanced penalties b/c I didn't take breath test. I have to appear w/o an atty in district court but was wondering if I can ask for jury trial since the combo of penalties is over 90 days?
Great question. Driving while impaired carries 60 days, but the enhanced penalties carries an additional 60 days which...
I want to back to eeuu but i live the country with pendient dui court case in Maryland im not american???
Charge No: 1CJIS Code:Statute Code:TA.21.902.a1 Charge Description: (Driving,Attempting To Drive) Vehicle While Under The Influence Offense Date From: 05/05/2007To: 05/05/2007 Arrest Tracking No: Citation:EN53845 Charge Amend No: 0Sentence Version:0Charge Class:A Disposition Plea: Plea Date: Disposition: Disposition Date: Charge No: 2CJIS Code:Statute Code:TA.21.902.b1 Charge Description: (Driving, Attempting To Drive) Veh. While Impaired By Alcohol Offense Date From: 05/05/2007To: 05/05/2007 Arrest Tracking No: Citation:EN53846 Charge Amend No: 0Sentence Version:0Charge Class:A Disposition Plea: Plea Date: Disposition: Disposition Date:
A case like your has different challenges than an "average" DUI charge. Please contact a lawyer who practices DUI law...
Is a dui or dwi a criminal offense? Can it violate my probation our parole?
I'm on parole I'll be off in 2014. This is my first offense
They are serious traffic offenses charged under the Transportation Act, not under the Criminal Titlle. If your...
Will I violate my probation for driving with suspended license?
I'm on probation for assault. And I wasnt in the car when they came up to me some one stated I was.
Were you arrested or served a summons? Need to clarify your situation. DWOL is a crime. You are most likely required to...
My brother recieved his second underage drinking citation. THis one involved a fake id. what will happen to him?
He is 20, other than this no previous convictions or misdemeanors
He needs to inquire whether he's eligible for a diversion program which could result in his case being dismissed.