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  • Parkman homicide victim's father issues plea to 'who...

    Wednesday Aug 19 | via Bangor Daily News 

    Vance Ginn, father of Stephanie Ginn Gebo, touches a memorial bracelet for his daughter as he asks for the person or persons who helped Robert Burton, the man accused of killing Gebo and hiding from police for 68 days, to turn themselves in on Wednesday. Vance Ginn, father of Stephanie Ginn Gebo, asks for the person or persons who helped Robert Burton, the man accused of killing Gebo and hiding from police for 68 days, to turn themselves in on Wednesday.


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  • Maine fugitive wanted in shooting death of his ex su...

    Tuesday Aug 11 | via Daily Mail 

    Maine fugitive on the lam for two months after 'shooting dead his ex-girlfriend in front her children' turns himself in Robert Burton, 38, had been sought in connection with the June 5 killing of Stephanie Ginn Gebo, 37, in Parkman, Maine Burton has lived in woods for past two months and is thought to have been breaking into camps and stealing food A man who broke into his ex-girlfriend's home, fatally shot her while her children slept and then spent more than two months hiding in woods, turned himself in on Tuesday, officials said. The 38-year-old suspect was 'walking and talking' and appeared to be in decent shape, a spokesman for the Piscataquis County Sheriff's Department said.


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Abbot Law

Can i be extradited on a dui (prescription drugs)
I got arressted for dui..influence was prescrption drugs. This tripped my ptsd because of being frisked by a male cop in Massachusetts, I was admitted,voluntarily, to a mental ward in Massachusetts for 7 days,not court ordered. Hospital personna el told me i would be better off in my home state. I have my hosp records to collaborate this. Now, at age 62, massachusetts has issued a warrant for my arrest.
It is not likely they will extradite you for the OUI, unless it has been charged as a Felony. What will happen if you...
If you take a breath test and pass and then refuse a drug urine test is that the same as a refusal in Maine
Took a breath test and passed later at police station I was asked to take a urine test at which time I asked I was required to take it and I asked a couple of other questions at that point the officer walked out said too late. Does this mean I refused it?
They will probably say that you refused. You should get an attorney if you were charged with a DUI offense.
My husband died 9/3/13 from a fall. He was legally intoxicated. Life insurance didn't pay pay, is it worth using to collect?
It was a $300,000 policy offer by one of our credit cards. I didn't know he was an alcoholic when I took this accident policy. Now they say it's excluded because of his intoxication. This all assumes that it hasn't been too long to try. I got the policy because I am already disabled and getting worse.
$300k, I certainly think it was worth my time to try to fight it.
Can a class C felony be reduced
Can an OUI offense that caused serious bodily injury be reduced to a misdemeanor in the state of Maine and what mitigating factors would help this to be reduced? For a class C Felony can a suspended sentence be applied?
Anything is possible but no one knows what will happen without knowing the facts of the case, the defendant's criminal...
Can a judge overrule the terms of a DUI plea offer?
First offense DUI in Maine. BAC .13, no aggravating factors. Not facing jail time. DA offered to reduce charge to DTE provided I complete 48 hour ASP, which I would have to pay to do and hesitant to because of sleep, physical issues that may limit ability to complete ASP comfortably, but will suffer through to get the DTE vs DUI. Just wondering if lawyer can request the ASP be dropped due to the fact that I'm not facing jail time to begin with.
For the most part, judges do not get involved in plea agreements. And when they do it is because they do not think the...
Getting my license back after dui
Lost my license years ago(first offense) and completed all sentencing requirements. At the time I had a NH licenses, now live in ME. I know I need my LDAC to right a letter as well as myself, but don't know who to send it to or really what my next steps would be. Any help with these problems would be huge.
Just call the Bureau of Motor Vehicles: OUI Section: 624-9000, Extension 52104 Give them your name and date of...
I have 2 oas charges with an oui and am facing a third oas now what are the penaltys in Maine?
I have 2 prior oas charges with an oui with one of them
Your question poses significant concerns for which you will need an Attorney to represent you on. The significant...