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Can i be extradited on a dui (prescription drugs)
I got arressted for dui..influence was prescrption drugs. This tripped my ptsd because of being frisked by a male cop in Massachusetts, I was admitted,voluntarily, to a mental ward in Massachusetts for 7 days,not court ordered. Hospital personna el told me i would be better off in my home state. I have my hosp records to collaborate this. Now, at age 62, massachusetts has issued a warrant for my arrest.
It is not likely they will extradite you for the OUI, unless it has been charged as a Felony. What will happen if you...
Do I have rights to the results of my urinalysis that was sent to a lab?
I am on probation, everytime I took a urinalysis I have tested clean. This past time, however, my probation officer called me and let me know that I tested positive for something and that they are sending it to a lab. The probation officer told me the results could take up to a week to get back, I would like to know if I have the rights to those results when they are established.
Why do you think your PO isn't going to share the info with you? If you are clean, he'll tell you. If you are not, he'...
What does suspension rescinded mean?
Got a conditional license for 30 days do I need to do anything to reinstate my license at the end of that 30 days we don’t have any information what’s next
It is hard to tell from your question. Call the BMV 207-624-9000.
What do I do about 3 dui's in less then 2 years, one in NH and one in ME, both 1st offenses?
Caught with a suspended license in NH from my existing ME OUI, also 2 counts of possession of a narcotic. This is my 3rd DUI in less then 2 years. I have a first offense in NH on 3/16 and a first offense in ME on 6/17 and now this is my 2nd DUI in NH on 12/17. I know I'm in serious trouble, and have contacted a lawyer already. Do you have any advice or help?
The best advice is to hire the best DUI lawyer you can afford and fight it.
Cop refused blood test I requested
I got pulled over and asked if I was on any medications, I was only on a prescription from my dr,(non narcotic) anti depressant. Cop said I failed his field sobriety test and arrested me? I had my 8yr old in the car with me, I begged he let me call someone for her and he refused, then he refused to let me get blood work to prove I had not taken more than the prescribed dose of the medication, he refused that request 6 times or more. Instead have me a breathalyzer and urine screen which wouldn't show my levels! Also, he took items off my body without female officer present and when I yelled to my daughter to get my phone and call someone, he ran over and took the phone from her while she was talking to her dad!! Is any of this ok? I have been harassed and have no idea what to do!! I need help asap please! My Dr is totally supportive and wonderful.
In Maine, a person can be prosecuted for OUI on a theory that the person drove under the influence of his or her...
I had an OUI 16 years ago in Maine. Plead guilty did the DEEP course and community service. is that removed from my record?
Was arrested last week for OUI. Would this be considered my second offense since the first was so long ago
If the date of your prior conviction is more than 10 years from the date of your current charge, you are charged with a...
Is it possible to submit a written plea for leniency in advance or in lieu of a BMV administrative hearing?
I had a clean record until totalling my car in a single vehicle accident while driving at a BAC of .15. I feel it is relevant to my defense that I suffer from a mental illness that requires me to take a number of prescription medications. On the day of the accident I was basically self-medicating with alcohol. My psychiatrist has told me he will discharge me if I drink again. Given the years of hard work it took for the two of us to get me off SSDI losing him would be almost akin to a death sentence, far beyond any punishment the BMV or courts may impose. There are additional factors surrounding my illness that I feel are relevant. Given their sensitivity I do not want to discuss these topics in some sort of open forum. Is it possible to make a written plea to the BMV? I expect to be contacted within the next few days for an admin. hearing. Thank you!
No, it is no possible. There are no pleas for leniency with BMV. After BMV sends notice of suspension, you must: (1)...