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Can I get public drunk expunged in Mississippi if I live in another state? What all appears on a background check for this?
I don't live in Mississippi, and I was only there for a few weeks. This happened the weekend before I was leaving to go home. I was arrested for public drunk in Oxford MS. I spent the night in jail and the following week I went to the court early to handle the case, since I don't live in the state and can't afford to have to come back for the given court date. I plead guilty/no-contest to the charge, and paid my fine, no jail-time. After that, I was able to head home without any issue. I am looking to apply to grad school this semester, so I want to explore my options of getting the charge expunged from my record. It is the first time I've ever had a run-in with the law, and my record is clean otherwise, and the circumstances surrounding the arrest are extremely mitigating at that, as I was just walking back to my temporary residence when stopped. I was compliant, so there shouldn't be anything that would count as aggravating circumstances. Basically, I am wondering what would be the possibility to get this expunged, as well as what the process would be? Additionally, if it is not expunged by the time I apply, what all appears as details surrounding the arrest/charge
Expungement is an option where all fees and costs and conditions of guilty plea are satisfied. Many area attorneys...
For a 1st offense of DUI ( .08 is law - 0.11 blown) have you ever known charges to be dropped?
1st offense through a Road block & passed the initial tests at the site (walking line, following finger, stand on one leg, etc.), officer said you seem fine but since son told officer he had drank some, officer said he did have to be taken in for a test at the station (was told they're more accurate). Blew 0.11 Not sure if we should get attorney or use public defender. Never been through anything such as this in our family. Looking for advice.
Charges of all sorts are dropped for many different legal reasons. To get the best answers to this question, you will...
What happens when i get arrested for DUI while already on probation, in two different counties?
In February of this year, i was arrested for using a fake id on the Mississippi gulf coast (hancock county). i was completely sober but the charge still stood. I was given a year of informal probation. Basically the judge said i didn't have to report to an officer or anything, as long as i didn't get in trouble for a year my probation would be over and my record would be expunged. if not my original sentence would stand. Now, in Oxford MS, where i go to college, on the night of April 30/May 1 i was arrested for a DUI. I bailed myself out for a little under 200 dollars and now i am wondering: 1) what do i do next 2) what will my punishments most likely look like in court 3) how will this affect my probation
fairly simple answer. Hire a good attorney in Mississippi. They can hopefully help you on the new charge and see about...
Chances of duid conviction.
I was pulled over for speeding by a highway patrolman. I was not under the influence of any substances at the time but the officers smelled a heavy scent of marijuana. I was arrested and charged with speeding, no proof of insurance (I have proof didn't at that time) and after a DRE office ran a sobriety test on me I was charged with driving under the influence of a controlled substance. After being released I spoke with a private lawyer and he told me to get a drug test done by a health professional and all results came back negative for every drug. The DRE officer swore to me that I was under the influence but no blood or urine test was done. Is this enough to evidence to even go to trial in Mississippi?
The highway patrol around Oxford are notorious for writing up DUI tickets for nonsense (in my opinion). If this is your...
Would I still be able to have my open container ticket expunged? What about my DUI in KY?
I got an open container ticket this past weekend in oxford, MS. I am from Kentucky and have a DUI in the state. Could I still have my DUI expunged if my open container ticket can be expunged?
It depends on the state. Not every state 'expunges'. In NY, for example, there is no remedy of expungement. The best...
International student in oxford, MS, arrested by public drunk. What is the chance to go to jail?
I was arrested by public drunk, and I need to go to court for arraignment. I'm an international student, with J-1 Visa and I can't spend 30 days in jail. In my affidavit of arrest, the police officer put as witness: "my self and all passersby". Do I need a lawyer? What are the chances for me just pay the $100.00 fee instead of spend 30 days in jail?
Oxford has a reputation for being pretty strict about alcohol related charges, so your best chance of obtaining a good...
My daughter (21) was arrested for public drunk last night at Ole Miss vs Alabama game except she was not drunk.
She had only 2 drinks but has a seizure disorder which causes her to pass out. It is a form of epilepsy. She work up disoriented to the cops asking her questions and eventually putting handcuffs on her. They tried to let her call one of her friends to come get her but when she comes out of the seizures she doesn't always understand her surroundings and some of that part of the night is fuzzy. She doesn't drink much because she can't with the depekote. They put her in handcuffs and took her to hail and when she finally was coherent enough to tell them about her disorder and that she had t taken her meds for the day they said they would have a nurse come but that never happened so they clearly didn't believe her. Her roommate came and bailed her out . What are her options?
She should obtain a good local attorney and hopefully they can make this charge go away. That is a shame that they are...