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  • Baptist minister accused of sex crimes against teen ...

    Thursday Nov 5 | via WTVY Dothan 

    The pastor of a church near Abbeville was arrested on charges he raped and committed other sex crimes against an underage girl who is described a member of his congregation. Camerius J. Mills, 29, of Edison, Georgia is accused of three counts of Rape 2nd degree, one count of Sodomy 2nd degree, and three counts of Traveling to Meet a Child for the Purpose of Having Sex.


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I really wondering if i need a lawyer but i got my second D.U.I ?
I got stopped for a tag light and i didnt do a bac test with police but i did one at the county jail but they told me it couldnt be used in court im still on probation and im trying to really figure out if i could get a affidavid of hardship for my probation fines and when i got stopped for my tag light they said it was out and when i got my car back my tag light was on so i feel like i was being stopped for no reason so really i need to know what to do .
Generally speaking, any time you face jail, which is the case in many states for second offense DUIs, you'll need an...
Do I need an attorney for my first DUI court date m
Its my first offense and I can not afford an attorney. I also was unable to come up with $1000 in time for court. how will that effect the outcome? I'm supposed to be moving from Alabama to Florida in the next month. Can this effect my move? Does anyone know if it'd be better to try Md transfer it to Florida?
Because of the seriousness of a DUI conviction, I would always advise to consult an attorney and retain one to...
Need advice on how to handle this
Was arrested for falling asleep in my car in a parking lot. I'm on anxiety meds generic valium actually. I rarely take them due to being addictive. I took one due to a oncoming attack 1 1mg pill. Three hours ok are after shopping I started feeling very very sleepu so I pulled over to take,a napp so I could safely get home later. Poise showed up gave me a breathalyzer then proceeded to arrest me! I'm not even sure what I was arrested for. What do I need to do to handle this at court next week??
My guess is that you were arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Most people think it is only about alcohol, but it...
I was charged with a DUI in Alabama. First offense. Will my licenses be suspended two 90 day periods?
Referring to the initial 90 day suspension notice which is up for me next month. I was later convicted in court of first offense DUI. Will I have to wait another 90 days for my suspension to end? Or will I be able to get my licenses after the Administration suspension is up?
I assume you had an attorney since you have already been to court. You need to consult with your attorney.
Can I be convicted in Alabama of a DUI if my BAL was zero and my blood test for drugs was deemed "Not Applicable".
I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in which I bumped into the rear of a car at a stop light. When the police arrived they gave me a field sobriety test . At one point in the test I lost my balance slightly.
Of course you can. If a lack of test results was all it took to avoid conviction, everyone would simply refuse testing.
Live in AL totaled car when to jail dui lost job 2 months ago had just been hired 2 weeks before wreck no insurance what do I do
e separated but share custody of child no insurance just been recently hired for job trying to decide what to do
Best advicr: Hire lawyer(s). Best of luck.
I have a no-contest DUI from 08/14 in Pensacola, FL - AL DL suspended - What do I do?
AL tells me FL must clear me from the National Registry of suspended drivers license. FL tells me I must go to an approved DUI Program/School. Neither will tell me where I can do this in AL (or in FL for that matter). I have been to the local AL office... no help. I have called, and emailed the FL authority - no help, and no response. My FL probation officer will not help either. He knows nothing, and will not lift a finger to find out what I need to do to clear the suspension. What do I do now?
This is not an uncommon situation. Have your attorney or hire one to get the judge in P-cola to authorize you to take...