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5 min ago | Sunday Herald

Dinosaurs have lost the shock factor

Every five minutes now, they tumble out of the dust where they've lang lain deid. The world oohs and ahs.


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4 hrs ago | Daily Kos

Betty Munger's Niantic: Feminist Progressivism in American Corrections

As it happens, I had a maternal great-aunt, Elizabeth Maria Munger , who was modestly famous in correctional circles during the 1920s-40s, both here in America and in Europe. She served as the first female warden of a correctional facility in the State of Connecticut, and actively pursued necessary progressive penal reforms during that time, on the local, national, and international levels.


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8 hrs ago | The New Zealand Herald

Finding the key to a good name for your little qwerty

We all use a "Qwerty" keyboard to send email and text messages - but now it seems the keys are also influencing the choice of baby names. A United States study says the rise in popularity of the keyboard since 1990 has meant more babies' names containing letters on the right-hand keys, such as Noah and Liam, or Emily and Olivia.


12 hrs ago | The Toronto Star

Meet the McGill professor who got inside Anonymous

At 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 14, Gabriella Coleman dragged herself from the bedroom of her apartment to her desk, where her laptop had sat running overnight. Coleman, a McGill University professor, toggled between windows of a chat client, trying to catch up.


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16 hrs ago | HeraldNet

Which grads get the highest starting salary?

If starting salaries were the sole measure of elite universities, U.S. News' most recent college rankings would look very different. Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Columbia, the country's top four universities by U.S. News' measure, for one, wouldn't crack the top 10, or 20, or even 30. And the University of Chicago, which tied for fourth place, wouldn't even make it into the top 200.


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20 hrs ago |

Spinosaurus: The largest carnivorous dinosaur was also a bizarre swimmer

New research has shown that the Spinosaurus, the largest carnivorous dinosaur, might have been just as well suited for life in the water as on land. A fossil unearthed in Morocco has finally given scientists a good look at Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, a dinosaur paleontologists and researchers have known about for a century but had only scant fossil remains and drawings upon which to base their theories and studies.


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Sat Sep 13, 2014

Martinsburg Journal

Indecisive: Obama must act quickly on urgent matters

Decisiveness clearly is not President Barack Obama's strong suit. Perhaps that stems from his life experience, which until he went to the White House was limited to stints as a community organizer, civil rights lawyer, state and federal legislator - and college professor.


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The Washington Post

More on the debate over Scottish secession

The Dish blog has a helpful roundup of commentary on the debate over the potential effects of Scottish secession. A key question is whether an independent Scotland will be able to pursue more left-wing economic policies than the present United Kingdom, as Scottish nationalists hope , or whether it will instead have to move in the opposite direction due to the loss of UK subsidies and tax and regulatory competition from England.


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WTHR-TV Indianapolis

Indiana reports four cases of enterovirus D68

State health officials confirmed Friday that four cases of enterovirus D68 have been reported in Lake County. The respiratory illness can be serious in people with underlying medical conditions like asthma.


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Colby College installs 20th president

Maine's Colby College is inaugurating a former a University of Chicago administrator to serve as the 20th president of the private liberal arts college.


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Men's Journal

The End of Food Allergies?

From asthma to heart disease, low mood, and lower energy levels, researchers have increasingly linked a growing number of conditions to a common culprit: our microbiome . According to the gut theory , factors in our environment like fatty diets and overexposure to antibiotics have starved us of the diverse bacterial population we need to wield a strong immune system.


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Fri Sep 12, 2014

WSJV-TV South Bend

Four cases of Enterovirus D68 confirmed in Indiana

State health officials announced in a press release Friday that four Lake County children have been confirmed as having Enterovirus D68. Previous to the announcement, health officials said they thought the four children were residents of Illinois because of their treatment at the University of Chicago Hospital.


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Business Journal

Duly Noted: Obama Library whittles down site choices -- two Chicago bids dismissed

Fantex CEO and Co-Founder Buck French discusses the risks associated with investments linked to the income of an athlete in the wake of the NFL's Ray Rice scandal. French speaks on "In The Loop."


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CBS News

Bizarre dinosaur with jaws like a crocodile, feet like a duck unveiled

University of Chicago Paleontologists Paul C. Sereno speaks during an interview in front of a 50-foot life-size model of a Spinosaurus dinosaur at the National Geographic Society exhibit in Washington, Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014.


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Microscopic Diamonds Suggest Cosmic Impact Responsible for Major Period of Climate Change

WUWT previously covered this story on August 29th , and also on September 20th, 2012 . This is a new press release from the University of Chicago today.



Massive Spinosaurus Identified As The First Ever Semiaquatic Dinosaur

Image Caption: A model of the Cretaceous predator Spinosaurus gets rock star treatment at a photo shoot. Photo by Mike Hettwer/National Geographic from the October edition of National Geographic magazine.


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The Financial Mirror

New thinking on non-performing loans, banks and mortgages

In a new book which is bound to cause controversy, two young academics Mian and Sufi provide new thinking and ideas on loans and mortgages. Should banks share the cost of non-performing loans? Are austerity policies on credit leading us in the wrong direction? What brought about the current recession? Contrary to much popular belief, the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros was not the main factor behind the 2008 recession which swept the USA and much of the rest of the world.


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Thu Sep 11, 2014

WGN-TV Chicago

Small but mighty: New minature pacemakers protect heart

They're smaller and slimmer than ever. And now a new miniature pacemaker travels deep inside the heart, where doctors hope it will be protected from damage and infection.


Scientific American

Is an Unusual Virus Spreading in the Midwest?

A severe respiratory illness is knocking the wind out of Midwesterners, sending hundreds of children coughing and wheezing to the hospital. The primary suspect in the outbreak is the seldom seen Enterovirus D68 , kin to the common cold's viral culprit.


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Press & Sun-Bulletin

Giant dinosaur in the water: Spinosaurus

Scientific detective work spanning 100 years and three continents has revealed the first swimming dinosaur: a fish-eating beast that paddled like a duck and was bigger than a Tyrannosaurus rex. Giant dinosaur in the water: Spinosaurus! Scientific detective work spanning 100 years and three continents has revealed the first swimming dinosaur: a fish-eating beast that paddled like a duck and was bigger than a Tyrannosaurus rex.


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