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58 min ago | CBS Local

South Side Museums Form "Museum Campus South"

Seven museums on the South Side have banded together to try to raise their profiles, and get more people to visit them.


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Thu Jul 24, 2014


How To Tell The Difference Between 'In Like' And 'In Love,' According To Science

We all know there's a difference between being "in like" with someone and being "in love," but it's often hard to tell how the other person feels about you .


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Deseret News

Student attitudes changing on healthy school lunches, studies say

After throwing a bit of a tantrum, the nation's children have collectively quieted down and eaten their vegetables, at least according to studies from Utah and Illinois.


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Lakeland Times

this story a-o

Camp Highlands for Boys is one of the tenth oldest camps in the country. This weekend, the camp celebrates 111 years of continuous operation.


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Promises: The Psychology of Making, Breaking or Exceeding Them

Although keeping your promises is vital to being seen positively, exceeding them may be a waste of time, according to new research.


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Myrtle Beach Online

Remarkable woman: Chess is only part of the University of Chicago student's winning approach to life

Like many of her fellow students at the University of Chicago, Darrian Robinson texts frequently, is in a sorority and likes to spend her free time binge-watching popular TV shows, like "Orange Is the New Black" and "New Girl."


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Slate Magazine

The Ivy League Is Not the Problem

William Deresiewicz contends that universities like Harvard merely serve as places where "the rich send their children to learn to walk, talk, and think like the rich."


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Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

Here's how 'Supernatural' star Misha Collins is breaking world records

Supernatural 's Misha Collins spends most of the year fighting demons in a trench coat.


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Wed Jul 23, 2014

New York Magazine

Why New Yorkers - and Everyone Else - Should Pursue Small Talk More

New Yorkers pride themselves on their insularity, their ability to let others go about their day undisturbed even when packed body-to-body on the train.


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Houston Chronicle

Why to buy the cheap stuff: poking a hole in brand-name goodies

Are there some brand-name products you just love? Of course there are! You're an American and it's kind of your right by blood.


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Daily Chronicle

Illinois patients to docs: 'What about marijuana?'

In this July 18, 2014 photo, Dr. William McDade,†University of Chicago Medicine associate professor†and president of the†Illinois Medical Society, poses for a photograph in Chicago.


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The Difference Between Love and Lust

Researchers from the University of Chicago, taking a break from doing things like finding a cure for cancer or chronic chapped lips, decided to study the difference between love and lust .


National Review Online

Ian Tuttle: Reproductive - Justice'

We encourage readers to keep this in mind and provide sensitive counseling and care.


Psychology Today

Would You Rather be Considered Nice or Smart?

We often focus on appearances as a key to impression formation , but the way you sound may also play a crucial role in determining what other people think of you.


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Tue Jul 22, 2014


Study Shows the Most Informed Consumers Choose Store Brands

A recent study of users' shopping habits reveals that the more informed you are about a type of product, the more likely you are to choose a generic store brand over the pricier national brand.


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Tikkun Magazine

The God of Process Theology: An Interview with John Cobb

Cobb : I grew up in a religious Methodist Christian family, and when I started meeting intellectuals I realized that this was considered a rather unusual and somewhat eccentric position.


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Medical Daily

Hello, Stranger: Talking With Strangers During Morning Commute Boosts Emotional Health

Mother always knows best, especially when it comes to our safety, but she got one thing wrong: Don't talk to strangers.


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Daily Herald

Chicago gets $10M in grants for at-risk youth

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's office says the funding will aid more than 3,100 students during the next school year and help expand the "Becoming a Man" and Match programs.


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Why Are Campus Administrators Making So Much Money?

Americans committed to better living for bosses can take heart at the fact that college and university administrators-unlike their faculty and students -are thriving.


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Mon Jul 21, 2014

Halide ligands help make all-inorganic devices

Halide, pseudohalide and halometallate ions could be a whole new class of inorganic ligands for semiconducting nanocrystals say researchers at the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory.