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1 hr ago | Radio World

Scott Jordan Named FCC Cto

Scott Jordan is the FCC's new chief technology officer. He succeeds Henning Schulzrinne, who will return to Columbia University and continue to help the commission part-time as a technology advisor.


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Tue Aug 26, 2014

Columbia Spectator

Security Alert: Forcible touching on Amsterdam Avenue

In a security alert sent to students, Associate Dean Kristen Cromm warned about a case of forcible touching that occurred around 9:10 p.m. yesterday.


New York Daily News

Harlem Biospace summer program grooms Generation Next

Twenty-five students participated in HK Maker Lab, a six week summer program to learn the foundations of engineering design.


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Journalism Uber Alles

Yesterday it was announced that David Plouffe , former campaign manager for Barack Obama was joining Uber, the taxi app, as a "campaign manager" there as well, to build out the potential of the brand.


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New thriller explores the future of bioethics

Imagine a world in which parents determine the genetic makeup of their unborn children.


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Ukiah Blog Live

The Fall and Rise of Investigative Journalism

In our world, the news about the news is often grim. Newspapers are shrinking , folding up , or being cut loose by their parent companies.


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Reason Magazine

My Favorite Millennial

The millennials are the biggest generation in U.S. history, numbering somewhere in the neighborhood of 75 million.


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3 Spending Habits To Unlearn Now

Stores can be pretty sneaky about getting you to spend money, whether it's hanging up flattering mirrors or offering you a cup of green tea to sip while you shop .


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KERA-TV Dallas

The Language Of Food

With multiple cooking channels and sites like, American interest in food is at an all-time high.



Combining Math and Music

Anthony Cheung's formal mathematical training essentially ended with high-school calculus.


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CBC News

ISIS by the numbers: How big, strong and rich the militant organization may be

ISIS's force ranges anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000, analysts say. Here, members march carrying the group's black flags.


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What is Mechanical Engineering?

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering, dating back to when the first wheels were put to practical use by mounting them on an axle to make a cart.


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Mon Aug 25, 2014

The Wichita Eagle

Maureen Dowd: Obama is alone again, naturally

When Barack Obama first ran for president, he theatrically cast himself as the man alone on the stage.


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Psychology Today

Grieve Alone, Your Way

Despite older adults having more experience with grief , the classic grief study that has determined grief counseling was developed for children.


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Children With Autism Have Extra Synapses In The...

Image Caption: In a study of brains from children with autism, neurons in brains from autistic patients did not undergo normal pruning during childhood and adolescence.


CT scans show Australopithecus africanus not as 'human' as thought

The 3-million-year old skull of the Taung Child considered the premiere evidence that Australopithecus africanus was distinctively human has been shown to be not too human after all.


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Harlem Students Trade Summer Sun and Fun for Labs and Apps

Mahmud was one of 25 high schoolers in the Harlem-based science incubator Harlem Biospace 's inaugural summer program, HK Maker Lab , which recruited students to spend four days a week for six weeks at Columbia University in order to learn about biomedical engineering.


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Government Executive

Why Is Florida Ending Remedial Education for College Students?

Back when remedial education was popular in policy circles, it was seen as a way to help those students most at risk of dropping out of college.


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Extreme Drought is Making the West Coast Rise Like an Uncoiled Spring

A new study published in Science by the Scripp's Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego found that the earth's crust is slowly rising in the West "like an uncoiled spring" due extreme drought.


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The Winnipeg Free Press

Many of city's well-known buildings designed by New York architects

In 1929, the Richardson family announced a new 17-storey tower for Portage and Main but the Great Depression put an end to that venture.


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